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Australian Fire Opal is a new exciting opal field just started mining in 2013 and Found in the remote desert area of west Australia. This part of Australia was a once a inland sea so the retreating sea left deposits of iron oxide in the opal silica which formed and bought out these stunning translucent colours.

This area has been known to have fire opal s for many years but is difficult region to get to with mining equipment. In late 1970s prospectors did find massive opal in this region but could not raise capital to mine in this desolate place.

This material is mainly found with in a meter of the surface so it is mainly trench mining. This is harsh out back country so the opal is stressed in the ground making it stable material to cut. There is a stunning variety of colours from orange reds yellow to clear fire.

The area is 600 kilometres north of township Kalgoorlie and covers large area to find this new volcanic opal and nearest town is White Cliffs

This fire opal is ideal to facete and display brilliant fire colours and is similar to Mexican fire opal

These opals do vary in colour and depth colours as most opals do but these opal show orange to near translucent clear opal so they are called names to help explain the colours of these opals

The deepest orange colour is called Dusk. And other grades are Lemon colour opals to Brilliant gold opals. Some opals are actually clear crystal white colour