Opal Sheriff Programs
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The Opal Sheriff Program is a world first program that allows customers to request a review on any item listed on Opal Auctions. We are proud of this program and it has given customers peace of mind when buying opals online. Opal Auctions only allows natural Opals to be sold with no imitation or synthetics. The Opal Sheriff Program helps keep our high level of customer satisfaction by delivering exactly what we advertise.

It is operated by an independent panel of qualified Gemologists and advisers from within the Gemstone industry.

The panel will review and audit individual items at the request of customers and leave their findings on publicly visible reports on the item page.

The Sheriff has two main goals –

  1. To answer questions and guide potential buyers via the Audit system

  2. To support, mentor and guide our Verified Sellers.

Our Sheriff Program is offered across our entire network, giving you an extremely consistent experience and useful tool set on all our websites.

How To Use The Sheriff Program

Look out for “Audit Information” on the right hand side of all items. To request an audit simply click the button “Request Audit”

gemstone sheriff program

Once an audit has been requested the following message will be displayed until the audit is complete. “This auction has a Sheriff audit pending. Check back soon to see the completed audit.”

audit pending

Once the audit is complete the person who requested the audit will be notified via our internal messaging system. For everyone else the audit will be visible by clicking on the “View Report” button.

audit complete

The final report will specify two checks

  • Description Accurate - This is all of the details on the item including treatments.

  • Pictures Accurate - Pictures are accurate including enhancement

audit details

We aim to maintain a quick turnaround time, but it may take up to 48 hours for the audit to be written, therefore we recommend you request an audit early in an auctions` cycle and add the item to your Item Watch list to keep an eye on the audit status.

Now that you know how the Gemstone and Opal Sheriff program works go ahead and request a few. We are always here to help.

gemstone sheriff program and opal sheriff program

A Word On Opal

Some descriptive terms that everyone needs to be aware will no longer be acceptable for use without prior approval from the Opal Sheriff, including

  • Investment

  • Museum

  • Harlequin Pattern

  • Top Class

  • World Class

Any opal listed that has been treated most be described as treated

Ethiopian opal that is smoked cannot be called black opal but described as Smoked Opal.

No Ethiopian opal can be called black opal unless certified by an approved laboratory.

Black images Sellers can use black background image but have to have hand image and neutral image with each listing .

Regarding each term, in order to fit the criteria to be called worthy of the word ‘Investment’, sellers must be certain that what they have actually qualifies, but how can you ‘qualify’ something when the word ‘Investment’ is essentially meaningless?

Please read this short article by Don Clarke, President of the International Gem Society: Investing in Gems http://www.gemsociety.org/info/igem15.htm

We are adopting Mr Clarke’s guidelines, therefore use of the word ‘Investment’ will no longer be acceptable, and there are other words that are being used excessively to pump up auctions that are meaningless, such as World Class, Top Class or grade, and all are frowned upon because there is no standard for using them.

The same holds true for the word ‘Museum’, which is also meaningless since museums have just about every gemstone on earth in their archives, and all in varying qualities, so by what criteria would a stone be considered ‘Museum’ quality? There is none, so the word ‘Museum’ is also now unacceptable for use in auctions.

The word Harlequin, however, does have meaning, although the experts don’t always agree on what it means, but the consensus of opinion seems to be that the true harlequin pattern was so named because it resembles the costume of a harlequin, with its regularly arranged squares, of equal size, in a checker board pattern. This is why true Harlequins are extremely rare, since it is more common to see patterns with distorted angles, squares that are unevenly arranged, or squares that are too small to be called harlequin, and those patterns would be better designated as mosaic, honeycomb, flagstone. In ‘A Field Guide to Australian Opals’ (1977), Barrie O’Leary lists 12 subspecies of harlequin, and says the individual color patches in true harlequins should be set closely together, and be over one millimetre in diameter to qualify to be called ‘Harlequin’.

One thing everyone does agree on is that true harlequins are extremely rare; so rare that they consider themselves lucky if they get to see just one a year.

Based on that criteria, there are no photos of the Harlequin pattern on the chart, so if you have a photo of a true Harlequin we would appreciate you submitting it for the chart.

Rarity carries a lot of weight when it comes to value, so it can be very tempting to stretch the strict requirements of the definition of ‘Harlequin’ to fit many celled opal patterns, therefore, the use of the word ‘Harlequin’ now requires pre-approval by the OS Posse. So all our sellers need to go through their auctions and remove the words “Investment”, “Museum”, “World Class”, “Top Quality”, and all such derivatives from their titles and descriptions, as well as the word “Harlequin” until they get approval to use it from the Opal Sheriff. You can find a link to message us by looking for the Opal Sheriff Badge in the verified sellers list. This is effective immediately, so please clean up your auctions before the OS Posse finds these words being used, or someone reports you to the OS. Thank you for your time and cooperation, and for helping us keep our sites the #1 auction sites in the world, all because of our sellers’ reputation for professionalism, honesty and integrity. Keep up the good work. The OS Posse

Opal Sheriff Program 是世界首创的计划,允许客户请求对 Opal Auctions 上列出的任何物品进行审查。我们为这个计划感到自豪,它让客户在网上购买蛋白石时高枕无忧。 Opal Auctions 仅允许出售天然蛋白石,不得使用仿制品或合成物。 Opal 警长计划通过准确提供我们所宣传的内容,帮助我们保持高水平的客户满意度。




  1. 通过审核系统回答问题并指导潜在买家

  2. 支持、指导和指导我们的认证卖家





请求审核后,将显示以下消息,直到审核完成。 “这次拍卖正在等待治安官的审计。请尽快回来查看已完成的审核。”





  • 描述准确 - 这是项目的所有细节,包括治疗。

  • 图片准确 - 图片准确,包括增强功能


我们的目标是保持快速的周转时间,但可能需要长达 48 小时才能完成审核,因此我们建议您在拍卖周期的早期请求审核并将该项目添加到您的项目观察列表中以密切关注关于审计状态。




未经 Opal 警长事先批准,将不再接受每个人都需要注意的一些描述性术语,包括

  • 投资

  • 博物馆

  • 丑角图案

  • 顶级

  • 世界一流






请阅读国际宝石协会主席 Don Clarke 的这篇短文:投资宝石http://www.gemsociety.org/info/igem15.htm

我们正在采用克拉克先生的指导方针,因此将不再接受使用“投资”一词,并且还有其他词被过度使用以推动毫无意义的拍卖,例如 World Class、Top Class 或 Grade,以及所有人都不赞成,因为没有使用它们的标准。


然而,Harlequin 这个词确实有意义,尽管专家们并不总是就其含义达成一致,但意见的共识似乎是,真正的 Harlequin 图案之所以如此命名,是因为它类似于 Harlequin 的服装,其规则排列的正方形,大小相等,呈棋盘状。这就是为什么真正的丑角极为罕见,因为更常见的是角度扭曲的图案,排列不均匀的正方形,或者太小而不能称为丑角的正方形,这些图案最好称为马赛克,蜂窝,石板。在“澳大利亚蛋白石实地指南”(1977 年)中,Barrie O'Leary 列出了 12 个小丑亚种,并说真正的小丑中的各个色块应该紧密排列在一起,并且直径超过一毫米才有资格被称为'丑角'。


根据该标准,图表上没有 Harlequin 图案的照片,因此如果您有真实 Harlequin 的照片,我们将不胜感激您将其提交到图表中。

在价值方面,稀有度非常重要,因此将“Harlequin”定义的严格要求延伸到适合许多细胞蛋白石图案可能非常诱人,因此,“Harlequin”一词的使用现在需要预先- 得到 OS Posse 的批准。所以我们所有的卖家都需要通过他们的拍卖,从他们的标题和描述中删除“投资”、“博物馆”、“世界级”、“顶级品质”等所有此类衍生词,以及“丑角”这个词直到他们获得 Opal 警长的批准才能使用它。您可以通过在经过验证的卖家列表中查找 Opal Sheriff Badge 找到向我们发送消息的链接。这将立即生效,因此请在 OS Posse 发现这些词被使用或有人向 OS 报告您之前清理您的拍卖。感谢您的时间和合作,并帮助我们保持我们的网站在世界上排名第一的拍卖网站,这一切都是因为我们的卖家在专业、诚实和正直方面享有盛誉。保持良好的工作。操作系统团队

此文本是机器翻译的。 显示原创?





we want to know if a opal company is selling a piece of jewllery that that they have reduced how does the buyer know if they are getting a genuine reduction

23rd Jul 2020

thats great service !! tks so much

28th Jul 2019

Dear opal sheriff,

To change the feedback I entered in the past, Is it possible? 
If possible, please let me know how.
I would like to change my feedback on Bravoopal Store's item 769930 from neutral to positive.

Gaku Takahashi

5th May 2019

The sheriff service is free?

20th Mar 2019

I have a set of cufflinks that were made by my grandfather mr alf tyack in 1975. He told me that they are black opal. I was 16 years old when he gave them to me and he said dont lose them as they will be worth a few dollars. How do i get them authenticated

20th Aug 2017

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