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No Reserve Auctions For Opals Online. Here you will find auctions with no reserve of all types of opal from all over the world finishing everyday. No Reserve auctions start at $1 and have no reserve set, meaning the highest bid will win the stone. No Reserve auctions are the best way to win a bargain.

Our no reserve opal auctions are simple. All auctions start at $1 and increase by $1 with each bid. At the end of the auction, if the highest bid is only $1, that is what the stone sells for. That is the thrill of the no reserve auction, you can win opals at the lowest possible price.

The no reserve category should be checked frequently to see what new opals have been listed. Some sellers will wait for certain time periods and then have a flash fire sale where the auctions may only last a few hours. If you are online at the right time, these flash fire no reserve auctions can be fun and exciting.

The opals are offered to you starting at just $1, with no minimum reserve set. That means that you set the maximum sale price for the opal. Design your own creative jewelry by buying loose opals and having the opal set in ring or pendant of your choice.

All stones are natural and the treatments are clearly stated. If you are unsure about any opal listed in the no reserve category, please be sure to click the “Request Audit” button in the auction and the opal sheriff will review the opal.

Our Sheriff programs have completed over 10,000 audits on our sites and our Opal sheriff keeps our sellers informed of any updates or new treatments that may affect buyers choice and bids.

Many online sites offer black opal from Ethiopia a s natural black but our sellers have to state clearly in header and description if it is smoked or natural Rough opals images are mostly taken wet to expose the colour so can arrive dry with no colour in mail but water helps expose the colour .

Our logo for this no reserve category is actually a boulder opal with veins and the letters NR are naturally formed.

What Is A No Reserve Auction