Yowah Opal Stones :超值产品





重量 (cts)




Buy Yowah opals direct from miners. This category has many miners offering their stones direct as the opal filed is not very large and the opal miners are mostly small business men operating manual shafts with only few mines operating large equipment.

This field is very close to Koroit and sometime sit is confusing as to which is the exact site as towns are only hour drive apart and many miners will work different claims and be base d in local township of Cunnamulla ,This township has service centre and infrastructure so lot miners repair their equipment in this outback town

Yowah opals are still undervalued as this stone ha s unique pattern with veins of colour compared to boulder opal that has more colour over the stone instead veins colour

These stones are popular a seven if no colour the patterns can be striking and brown colours can be bright to light brown and are popular ,At Shanghai jewelry show last year Chinese buyers made comment that they collect agate stones with patterns in them and they found why were these opals so cheap. We had on display $20 to $50 stones and these all sold quickly and sometimes buyers were 3-4 deep on our booth After we were shown agate stones with good patterns like our stones but prices started at $200 and were shown light brown stone similar to our $20 stone s but was said to be brown jade and worth $2000

We keep saying these Yowah opals are so good value and opal prices have to increase greatly and also mining costs are now expensive as lot more government regulations