Opal Shows and Gem Festivals in Australia 2012


Cooper Pedy Opal festival

7th-8 th April

Good show for all South Australia opal fields

Some hotels are underground and its a good experience

Winton Queensland 13-14 July

Australian opal exhibition

Good show to buy direct from the boulder opal miners

accommodation in local pub

White Cliffs Rockswap and Music

14-15th may

Small but popular show for roockhounds and opals hounds and listen to great music

Yowah Opal Festival

20-11thy July

Locals always support this show with over 60 booths most years display Koroit and Yowah opals

Lightning ridge Opal Show

26-29 July

This year will be 7th National Opal Symposium

and Jewelry awards that are held bi annually.

Ideal time to visit and view black opals direct from opal fields

Gold Coast Opal show

Australian Opal exhibition

2-3 August

Accommodation available at many first class resorts a s popular tourist destination

Sellers from boulder opal fields to Black opals and international sellers of Ethiopian opal.

Anakie Gem Festival

9-12 th August

this show is held in sapphire fields but some tail gaters have a good selection of opals from many opal fields .

Lapidary clubs

All over Australia lapidary clubs are popular for rockhounds and professional alike

Many opal sellers do this circuit selling rough opals at these Gem Show

Lismore Gem Show 19-20 May

Toowoomba Gem Show 27-28 october

Beenleigh Gem show 6th october

Suncoast gems Show 17 November

Newcastle gem Show 10-11 November

Gold Coast gem Show 30th June

Townsville gem show 21-22 July

Cairns gem show 28-29th July

Ipswich gem show 4th August

Caloundra Gem show 29-30 Septemeber

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