Opal Auctions Bans All Synthetic Opals 2012

As of December 2012 all synthetic Opals on Opal Auctions have been deleted.

We want to give buyers confidence and removed any unwanted categories that might confuse the buyer or harm the Opal industry.

Also all man made Opal Pendants have been transferred to our new man made designer site, Gemstones Auctions.

Opal Triplets and Opal Doublets are offered for sale as they are recognised by the Opal industry and our sellers are clear about description of these Opals in their listings.

All doublets and triplets are made from natural Opals.

A message from a buyer on Opal Auctions was received today highlights this point:

“The opal is clearer than on the picture but very very beautiful and play of light :) I love it very much… What could be the resale price for that kind of opal please? I am reseller on Ebay but I don’t buy opals there because I see they are from LAB and not from EARTH MINED, even if resellers write NATURAL. THANK YOU FOR ALL and thanks for you reply.”

Currently there are many online Opal & Gemstone sites that are saturated with fancy named synthetic opals and gemstones, however they fail to specify these stones are man made which will fade in the sunlight and are brittle in quality.

Many sites offer Black Opal which is actually only Ethiopian Opal that has been smoked.

Our Opal Sheriff Program monitors all listings and advises sellers of any new techniques that may effect the Opal industry.

Opal Auctions Opal Auctions

*Some accent stones on jewelry items may contain some man made pieces.

Names of manmade or laboratory  or synthetic opals

Monarch Opals

Is marketed as close to the real opal and even has natural potch lines  

It is lab created opal using silica dioxide. And is sold mostly on secondary web sites that don’t specialize in opals or natural gemstones.

Simulant opal

is seen in tourist shops so lot buyers who can’t read do not fully understands it is manmade opal.

Gilson Opal

same chemical composition and physical properties as natural opal but laboratory made

How to tell if your opal is natural ?

Always buy from verified opal sellers like we have on opalauctions who have product knowledge.

Nearly all fake opals sold online are on secondary sites that do not specialize in opals.

Many sellers were originally based in asia but today many sellers in usa re sell their products without any conscious and lot is offered on social websites

Not only is there manmade opals but some opals are treated now and we expect treatments to be more sophisticated than in the past

Treated Opals

Black opal has worldwide reputation as the most expensive opal and can sell for thousands of dollars a carat.

Ethiopian opal smoke opals do have black appearance and many secondary sites sell these as black opals

On opalauctions these opals are listed clearly as Smoked Opal stones.

 But they are listed on many other online sites as black opals as sellers can make 10 to 20 times on their money if treated Ethiopian sold at black opal prices.

Smoked Ethiopian is a general term used as these opals can be smoked and as hydrophane they absorb the smoke and the crystal opal becomes a black colour and enhances the opal to look dark.

Today the treatments are more sophisticated than just smoking so it is difficult for many people to compare to real black opal

Always buy from an Opal Industry specialist

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