Black Opal Drink Cocktail Recipe - Play Of Color In A Cup!

Black Opal Drink Cocktail Recipe - Play Of Color In A CupDo you have a well-stocked bar and an impressive collection of crystals? It's time to put the two together and make a Black Opal Cocktail!

Does that sound a bit unusual?

While infusing cocktails with crystals is not exactly mainstream, people are growing more creative with their mixology. When feeling overwhelmed or stressed, people typically turn to their crystal collection or a potent cocktail to unwind. Combining the two means you'll savor the benefits of both!

However, you'll need to take a few precautionary steps before you get to crafting this mystical drink.

Before You Get Started Making An Opal Drink

  • Wash your stones thoroughly before using them to ensure they're crystal clean

  • Use crystals large enough not to accidentally swallow

  • Wash your stones after using them to prevent the crystals eroding from the alcohol or sugars

Ready to craft the Black Opal cocktail? Let's get started.

This drink has the beauty and intrigue of a black opal gemstone and tastes delicious. If you're looking for a new recipe to bring to your next cocktail hour, read on. 

The Backstory On Black Opal

People have treasured opals for thousands of years. Black opals are rare gemstones, and buyers are willing to pay almost any price to own one. In the 2019 movie Uncut Gems, a large opal drives everyone, from an NBA player to a gambling-addicted jeweler, to extreme measures to secure the mesmerizing gem.

The real-life version of the movie's stone is the Aurora Australis black opal. Discovered in Australia in 1938, this 180 carat stone is worth $1 million. As you might imagine, this makes it the most valuable black opal in the world!

If you've seen a black opal in person, then you know why they're so valuable!

Unlike milky white opals, black opals contain traces of carbon and iron oxide. The result is a darker stone, the perfect body tone to illuminate the fiery play of color dancing across the opal.

No wonder they're so hypnotizing!
Black Opal Drink Cocktail Recipe - Play Of Color In A Cup

The colorful vibrancy is the reason black opals are so adored. They owe this all to their silica deposits, which reflect light like a prism and create a rainbow effect. Hold a black opal up to the sunlight, and you'll see peacock-blue, bright green, rich purple, and even fire-engine red!

Now, imagine this incredible color combination swirling in a cocktail. Who can resist?

So, where did this creative liquid amalgamation come from, and how can you make it?

History of the drink

The closest relative of the Black Opal Cocktail is the infamous Long Island Iced Tea -- invented during Prohibition in Long Island Kingsport, Tennessee by a man called "Old Man Bishop."

During Prohibition, alcohol was scarce (and illegal) and drinks needed to pack a punch. Clever Old Man Bishop mixed rum, vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila, and maple syrup to provide an option to have one and be done. He poured the concoction into a tall glass with some ice, and the Long Island Iced Tea was born!

Over time, mixologists around the world continued to experiment with their libations.

After a decline in popularity in the 50s, cocktails made a comeback in the late 60s and early 70s. Bartenders were getting creative, and people started to expand on classic cocktail recipes.

Instead of ordering an Old Fashioned, people wanted visually stimulating, brightly colored beverages that tasted delicious.

There's a benefit to creating these liquid refreshments: more ingredients and time mixing means a higher price per drink.

With this in mind, we imagine the Black Opal Cocktail made its first appearance at the height of mixology creations.

So, What's In A Black Opal Mixed Drink?

The Black Opal Cocktail takes the recipe Old Man Bishop created and combines it with the intoxicating colors of the black opal gemstone.

While this cocktail does not contain any black opals (that would run you quite the bar tab), it does a good job paying homage to the beloved jewel.

Two of the main ingredients are deep red Chambord and neon-colored Blue Curacao. These ingredients give the black opal drink its delicious sweetness and bring the peacock colors of a real black opal to life.

Much like the stone in Uncut Gems, this cocktail has a powerful effect on your brain. That's because it contains vodka, gin, and rum as it's base!

To keep you from falling over before you reach the bottom of your glass, we recommend pouring only 1/2 oz of each liquor. That will give you 1 1/2 oz of alcohol, which is the average bar pour.

The great thing about making this recipe at home is that you can play around until you satisfy your tastebuds.

Ready to mix?
Black Opal Drink Cocktail Recipe - Play Of Color In A Cup

How To Make A Black Opal Drink

Like all cocktails, there are many variations on the Black Opal. Do an internet search, and you'll find recipes that call for Guinness and even heavy cream.

The recipe that follows is the most popular and uses ingredients easily found in your average liquor store. Once you've mastered this recipe, experiment by adding your own twist to this rare libation!

Black Opal Drink Cocktail Recipe

  •  1/2 oz vodka

  •  1/2 oz gin

  •  1/2 oz rum

  •  1/2 oz triple sec

  •  1/2 oz blackberry liqueur

  •  1/2 oz Blue Curacao liqueur

  •  1 oz 7-Up or any lemon-lime soda

  •  1 1/2 oz sweet and sour mix

  • A tall glass, like a collins or beer pint

  • A cocktail stirring spoon

  • Ice

  • +bonus ingredient: your very own Black Opal to inspire you!


  1. Fill your glass with ice. Carefully measure out each ingredient and pour it over the ice.

  1. Before mixing, hold your glass up to the light and take a minute to admire the colors. Notice how the array of colors dance together -- much like play of color on a real black opal -- flaring from light pink to a deep purple.

  1. Using the cocktail spoon, stir your drink until everything is blended. Take another look at the glass; while the vibrant colors no longer stand out on their own, the cocktail has the mysterious dark tint of black opal.

Isn't it fascinating? Now for the best part... time to taste the fruits of your labor!

Enjoy A Cocktail And Conversation Starter

Black opal gemstones' energy helps people stay calm and relaxed in uncomfortable situations. It makes people feel emotional, seductive, and fills them with an overall optimism for life.

We're pretty confident this cocktail will have a similar effect on you! At the very least, it's a great conversation starter!

Bookmark this recipe for the next time you host friends or have a party.

The dark aesthetic of this cocktail would make it the perfect drink to serve at a Halloween party. Whatever the occasion you see most fit, we're sure your drink will be the center of attention among your friends!


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