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Buy Tintenbar opals direct from volcanic region of nsw in Australia This opal filed is smallest in Australia and is volcanic hilly region of Tintenbar a few hours drive south from Brisbane.opal was found in this are in 1901 but not worked till 1919 and than only for few short years as was to difficult to mine in this volcanic rock It has only has 1-2 miners working sporadically in this area,so there is not much of this type opal available.Originally the first lots opals were considered unstable so miners would store in water but some stored and tested them for years to see if stable. These miners kept stone over few winters and summers so they had extremes of temperature and only opals tested this way are offered on Opalauctions. It is considered volcanic opal and displays dark jelly opal which doesn’t have strong fire but some nice rolling flashes. This opal has been popular with men as deep dark colours looks attractive in mens white or silver rings. The few mines left are on private property and farmers will not give permission as even back hoes does cause lot damage digging out volcanic rocks Some miners made doublets from their rough and once again they kept for several seasons to make sure they were stable and only these are fofferd now on our site Do consider adding a volcanic Tintenbar opal form Australia to your opal collection