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Buy Boulder Pairs Rough at wholesale prices. Australian boulder opal is unique in that the rough opal can be split to expose colour. An ironstone rock split or cracked open is known as boulder splits.

The opal miner can crack open the rock with hammer or with saw slice as small cut into the opal vein and this will release pressure so the rock opals naturally. Sometimes these splits look they have been polished, buts natural clean split.

Good specimens are worked to expose colour and cutter will sometimes place slice on colour bar and this will split into two pieces and both most times have a good shiny polish Many ironstone rocks can weigh several kilos and the only way to open these rocks is to smash them with hammer .i have spent days cracking open these rocks and its extremely difficult to determine if rock has opal fire inside till ti is smashed open as most rocks do not contain veins colour So can be disappointing to smash open a rock and see good colour. Have you ever wondered why you see parcel lots smaller pieces but obvious from the same rock and end result is dozen or so smaller pieces matching pairs. Opal cutting factories have many different size cutting saw blades so parcel is gradually worked to smaller pieces It takes an experience cutter to split rough open to expose the colour and when sliced the opal will have natural polish as split is clean and lot people enjoy this natural look a s opal only has to be shaped to make pair that will suit earrings Other pairs can be matching his and her sets a s both could make matching ring