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Buy Inlay Opal Silver Rings Online At Wholesale Prices. Opal Auctions has all shapes and different designs of Inlay Opal Rings and these are one off creations that are unique and unlike any other gemstone. It is rare for someone to have an identical Inlay Opal Ring.

This is due to the crystal opal that is inlayed. This opal comes from lightning ridge or south Australian opal fields and they do vary considerably in pattern n brightness

Crystal inlay form lightning ridge is mostly blue colours and hard to find fire colour crystals here as most can be cut into stone as once over2 mm the opal is more valuable as a stone than as inlay.

South Australian opal fields were once also under the sea so opal miners do find lot fossils and opalized shells. If these shells are whole they are very valuable but some are only thin 1 to 1.5 mm thick and these break when mining so are ideal to make into inlay rings as the colour of shells is normally very bright

The opal is than set in silver ring setting and black paint is added to back so the opal colours are greatly enhanced

So milky green opal when enhanced will be electric green colour and that is why these rings are so popular. Most inlay is for small pieces only, but when you have several joined together the fire colours can be striking a similar to channel setting diamonds

Inlay is mostly rectangular or square shape a s they need to fit the contour of the finger but some jewellers make round inlay crystals a s cutting machines are now accurate to inlay these as most other shapes are cut by hand and inlayed and is very time consuming process

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