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Buy Black Opal Gold Rings Online at Wholesale Prices for natural black opal rings  not man-made opals.

 Opal Auctions has all shapes and sizes of Opal Rings for sale including Black Opal and Black Crystal Opal. The body tone of the opal is N1 to N4

, Opal Rings are popular as Opals are one off mother nature creations that are unique and unlike any other gemstone. The opal can be predominately one colour or multiple colours that change in different lights. It is also important for the opal colors to be viewed from many different angels so cabochon ones are in top demand.

Lighting ridge black gems have worldwide reputations as worlds most expensive opal, but we have good selection at direct prices no one can beat.

Demand is incredible for red fire colours to hues sunset fire colours and these magical colours are the most expensive.

Green colours are also in demand due to new Asian buyers who like deed dark body tone N1 or n2 for ring stones.

 Colour is personal preference for ring as well as design.

Traditional buyers always like diamond’s around the focal opal stone and modern designs might have one or two or simply the main stone buy its self makes strong statement.

Opals are set bezel or claw set ,claw set is four claws bent over to hold the stone and bezel set is where jeweller makes the stone set in basket and bends the sides up to the stone so its good tight fit, unfortunately is very hard to resize a handmade bezel set so please enquire first if it can be resized.

 Some rings with bezel can be sized up or down one size only Dual colour gold also blends in well with some opals as white or yellow or copper gold Yellow gold is good for sunset set fire colours and white gold is good for dark colour stones.

Most gold used is 18K with few 14 and 10k opal rings

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