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Mosaic opals are very popular, as they display brilliant colour at only a fraction of what a solid-gem opal would cost.

opals are mined in Coober Pedy are mostly used in these mosaic opals as when mined the opals digging machine does break up lot small opals and these chips are what is used to make these opal triplet mosaics

they are not easy o find a s when the opal bearing dirt is bought to the and surface, someone has to sit inside a room and the opals goes in under ultra violet light so person hand picks out the opal colour.so they are not easy t o find these small opal chips and each one is unique and different colour hues so the finished product is so bright

These stones are easy to cut in popular shape form oval to heart shape to trillion and make fantastic opal pairs.

A Mosaic Opal has three components: A thin slice of small pieces of crystal opals glued closely together, resulting in high visual impact; a black potch or manmade black resin backing to enhances the fire colour, and a quartz or glass top to protect the opal.

Some mosaics can be set in black potch or black jade to show lines colours and patterns

Mosaics make good ring stones, but it is recommended not to get them wet when washing dishes. We have seen many triplet rings over 20 years old that still look good and just need a polish on top, which a local jeweler can do.

Mosaic opals have stunning fire colours and patterns .