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Here you will find single cut Boulder opal stones for sale. Our verified sellers have hand picked each of these stones and most of them have actually cut and polished the stones themselves.

Boulder opal is unique in appearance because it is a mixture of opal and host rock, generally iron stone. Iron stone is the yellowish orange material you can see on each other stones. In some cases the opal is mixed in with the iron stone while other times the opal sits on top.

These types of opals are extremely durable since the iron stone adds strength and stability to the opal. These stones are suitable for use in any jewelry application including rings, pendants and earrings.

When selecting a stone, be sure to pick a stone that has a good polish and is free from scratches. Most of these types of opals are free form in shape, so look for a stone that is well polished and has a shape that can be used in jewelry.

All opal comes in every color of the rainbow. Some colors are harder to find than others and this is a determining factor in the price. Red is the rarest color to find, followed by yellow and orange. The blue and violet stones are the most common and the most affordable.

Boulder opal stones are the most affordable type of opal available on the market. Large pieces of opal with amazing color are very cheap compared with an equivalent Black opal or Ethiopian opal

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