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What is opal all about this is what I asked my self back in 1998 as this is Australians National Gem Stone and very little information was know about it when I asked my friends as it could only be found in the tourist strips and the local people knew nothing about this illusive gemstone. Then through a mutual friend I got introduced to Wayne Sedawie yes ( Opalplus) and before I could sit down started selling black opal , boulder opal, rough opal parcels and opal jeweler all around Australia with in 12 months I had been all over this enormous beautiful country and had visited more placed then most Australians do in a life time from the opal fields in Queensland Yowah , Koroit , all the way out to Winton , down to Lightning Ridge and Cooper Pedy as you travel to outback mining towns you get a feeling for the opal and how rare it is to find any opal at all let alone a quality commercial stone as each opal really has to be appreciated due to the scarcity of finding any opal when mining . I remember I just jumped on a plane down to Sydney then to Melbourne , Adelaide I would be visiting all the opal shops as I passed through from there I use to get a 12 hour bus ride out to the Cooper Pedy opal fields ( yes that’s 12 hours in a bus with the driver trying to dodge kangaroos and road trains ) and check out the large white opal and crystal opal field after a few days another 8/9 hours on the bus to Alice Springs to see the shop keeper and from there jump on a small plane to Cairns as this is a popular place for tourist and there is plenty of opal shops , this trip would take about 2 weeks so as soon as I got home I would be cutting black opal and boulder opal as I set up my garage as a cutting shop water running to 3 cutting machines a large polishing wheel and a thousand dop sticks with jeweler wax or glue on this massive cutting table . As each opal is individual every day is like a new day maybe today is the day I see the best opal in my life the feeling you get rubbing down nobbies and start to see the multi color fire and all your hoping for is more red fire to the interesting Koroit boulder opal with the mesmerizing opal patterns and colors so with this excitement I was hooked for life which is called opal fever. So after a few years of this we though we would show the world what opal is all about hence Opal Auctions and start to work the internet which by the way is never over there is always something you can add more items, communicating with customers about there individual orders, opal information write ups like this but at the end of the day it is all FUN and very enjoyable so with this I welcome you to my world of Love of the Australia Opal …… My STORES here on Opal Auctions *** Rolling Stone Opals *** *** Koroit Opal *** *** Australian Rough Opal *** All the best kind regards Patrik
Qld, Australia
We ship with Registered Post World Wide for $15.00 flat fee per item COMBINED SHIPPING now available 2 wins for only $15.00 shipping worldwide. Shipping takes 15 business days depending on time of year Christmas / Easter shipping does take longer Insurance is optional at $11.00 for first 100 values then $3.00 for each $100 value after. FEDEX SHIPPING IS ALSO AVAILABLE THE COST OF THIS SERVICE IS $29.00 AND TAKES 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS WORLDWIDE ONCE SHIPPED I WILL SEND YOU THE TRACKING NUMBER MAXIMUM WEIGHT IS 500 GRAMS PER PARCEL If you choose not to take insurance, we cannot be held liable if the parcel gets lost or damaged in transit. Parcels not insured I cannot help you with and cannot be guaranteed AUSTRALIAN Buyers-add 10% GST to your purchase only, not shipping If our UNHAPPY with ANY PURCHASE please email me straight away to resolve before leaving feedback, so we can work it out, I do exchange , as I want all my customers to be HAPPY with their purchase
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