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Buy Ethiopian Opal Beads & Strands direct from manufactures. Its only in recent years that with lot production in the Ethiopian opal fields has been good and lot volume so the smaller opals have been blocked and made into beads Lot beads are cut rectangular shape or sliced to make oval shape Lot opal beads are only 2- 4mm thick and holes have to be drilled in these to fit on strand. Some beads can be as small as 1 mm thick For export lot countries have no tarrif on strands but high duties on beads and necklaces A strand is considered to be temporary strand for shipping purposes and not for wearing Necklaces are considered as jewelry and some counties do tax this at high rate. Beads ate low tax as stone times ,but for practical purposes loose s beads are difficult to handle so smaller beads are always on strand :Larger focal beads are Ethiopian opals with hole drilled all way through the stone so can be worn as focal bead in strand or single piece only on necklace Colours can vary for sea blues to magical sunset fire colours with rolling flash Actually Ethiopian beads are now the only opal necklace available at reasonable price as black opal is to expensive and boulder matrix looks good but has lot brown ironstone colours ,so Ethiopian opal necklaces are now most popular and these are now cut in India so process cost is low and economical .Many diamond cutting shops closed in india so there are lots cutters and factories now cutting Ethiopian rough into beads