Australian Opal Auctions :waarde Producten

Buy No Reserve Australian Opals 

Opals from Australian opal miners. This No Reserve category is where opals will be offered at a starting price of $1.00 and sell to highest bidder. Our opal cutters and miners offer natural opals from different opal fields.

Lightning ridge has crystal and black opals that are in high demand but production has been lower these last few years. Body tone N1 are in high demand, and virgin rough opal is now scare as the miners will work the rough to find the top gems which command soaring prices now.

Boulder opals are found over huge area of Queensland and each area has its own unique opal finger print. Koroit and Yowah opal have deep dark brown ironstone colour with Color tone patterns and veins of colour. Yowah nuts are in high demand and rare.

These areas have lots mall operators compared to the other areas in Queensland where bulldozers are required to remove over burden before reaching opal bearing dirt. Boulder opals have opal colours on ironstone and can cover the full face or be veins colours mixed in the ironstone, both are attractive and reasonable prices and are popular in no reserve auctions.

Winton, Quilpie, Jundah all have reputation of good solid opal and lot other smaller opal fields spear over thousands of miles. Matrix opal also comes from these areas.

Mintabe, Andamooka and White cliffs are nearly cleaned out or small production with only handful miners working these areas.

Cooper Pedy is still the white opal capital of Australia with more consistent supply or opals that are ideal for matching as pairs or sets for opal jewelry

Australian opals are natural and if treated our sellers will advise in description.