Ethiopian Opal :値の製品

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Ethiopian Opal direct from the mines of Africa. In this category you will find thousands of individual Ethiopian opal for sale as well as rough Ethiopian opal, Ethiopian opal parcels and matched pairs of Ethiopian opal.

In the early 1990’s a new type of Opal surfaced in Mezezo Ethiopia Africa and it is stunning. Ethiopian opal quickly became popular because of its extremely bright colors and relatively low price.

Ethiopian opal is a type of precious opal which means that it shows amazing play of color. Ethiopian opal is found in large nodules that are broken open to reveal the opal color.

If you are looking for loose individual Ethiopian opal be sure to navigate to the Ethiopian opal stones category on the left. This will show you all of the Ethiopian opal that can be used for jewellery or just for admiring.

Ethiopian opal is a volcanic type of opal that is found in deposits high up in the hills. The mining of Ethiopian opal is extremely difficult because of the dry conditions and tough terrain.

To make your search easier, we also have Ethiopian Opal carvings which show off the beautiful color play of Ethiopian opal while being in a beautiful carving. Some of these pieces are amazing so be sure to check them out.

Ethiopian opal specimens is another category that you should be sure to check out. These specimens show how Ethiopian opal has formed in its natural state. Perfect for collectors or those who are just interested in what natural can produce.

A unique property of Ethiopian opal is that it lends itself to being faceted. Not many opals look good when faceted but Ethiopian opal is unique in that respect.

Ethiopian opal pairs is a category where you will find matched pairs for use in earrings. It is extremely difficult to find a pair of Ethiopian opal because the colors and patterns are so diverse. Generally Ethiopian opal pairs will be cut from the one stone so that the stones look the same.

If you are looking to purchase a large lot of Ethiopian opal we have a dedicated category. The Ethiopian opal parcels category has parcels of opals which can help reduce the overall price of the stones.