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White opals are mostly from Coober Pedy south Australia and can be know as fire white opals, milky opal or milk opals and are body tone N7 to N9 under body tone chart

White opals are generally found as seam opal instead of nobby or as an individual piece

White opals are called fire opals also ,as many have they have full spectrum of opal colours on white potch and can be top of the range in the brightness chart.

This is ideal opal to make matching earrings or set pendant ring and earring as they can all be cut from one-piece rock ,which is rare in other opal fields so give this opal a good advantage in matching sets matching jewelry.

These fire white opals are generally less expensive than other Australian opals from lightning ridge or boulder opal fields, but top bright colours are now commanding top prices also a sits supply and demand and production has been down in the south Australian opal fields

Crystal opals can also be found with these white opals and sometimes dual white and crystal opals colours in the one stone

Mechanical machines can dig underground for these opals and huge blowers take these to the surface and long conveyer belts take the opal dirt and run through a shed which has ultra violet lights in it and the opal chips flash colour in this shed and are handpicked out .

You can imagine how dusty and dirty n hot it is in this shed but it is the only way to take the opal from the dirt

The opal fields for white opal can include coober Pedy ,Andamooka, Mintabie and generally referred to as south Australian opal fields

Some of the original opals mined in Australia at start of the century were mined in these opals fields and went to England. We have good selection of all opal prices of Cooper Pedy opal auctions since we started in 2004

White opals generally do not have super strong bright colours but can be very attractive colour hues and are therefore still very popular and many people think of white opal when you mention opal