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Qld, Australia
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Seda Opals is a family owned and run business that has over 35 years experience in mining, cutting and selling opals. The Seda Opal company was founded by Paul Sedawie, also being the current president of the Opal Association Inc.. We have a retail shop/museum at the Gold Coast Opal but closed it down recently to do only internet business. Seda Opals focuses mainly on wholesaling and it is through this site that we can bring the opal fields and the bargains directly to you. Paul Sedawie started mining at the Four Mile field in Lightning Ridge in 1986 with his first partner Bob Young. It took them 6 months to find a decent stone and this experience gave him a healthy respect for the stone and how hard it is to find. Pauls elderest son Peter Sedawie has taken over and Ross does the managing of the site.. This leaves Paul free to travel to any opal field and to enjoy the beauty of this magnificent stone. Paul's youngest son, Ross Sedawie, is also involved in the family business. Ross has been bought up around Opal's all of his life, so he has an in depth knowledge of the stone. Seda Opals stands behind all of their products, offering a 100% money back guarantee on all purchases. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and good luck with your biding.
Qld, Australia
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