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Dimensioni (mm)
1.000 x 1.000 x 1.000mm
Peso (cts)
Cabochon, Rough

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Pre-Stabilized for Your Convenience

Are you a professional Matrix Cutter or an enthusiastic hobbyist looking to work with some of the finest Queensland Matrix Opal? Look no further. We've taken the extra step to pre-stabilize this opulent material for you, making your cutting experience smoother and the end product even more stunning.

Why Pre-Stabilized?

Professional cutters often stabilize Queensland Matrix Opal before getting down to the cutting process. This stabilization not only reduces material wastage but also eases the cutting process and enhances the final appearance of the stone. However, stabilization is usually not accessible to most hobby cutters due to the specialized equipment required, such as a large slabbing saw, a vacuum chamber, and cactus juice (a stabilizing resin used in the turquoise industry).

The Process

Imagine Matrix Opal as a sponge. We've used a vacuum chamber to pull cactus juice into the matrix, turning it into a single, hard piece. This is then solidified in a commercial oven, making it easier to cut and polish. All you have to do is focus on the cutting process. Simply place your template on the stone, draw your desired shape, and cut. Calibration is also easier if you have a specific setting in mind.

Finishing Touches

The stabilization process itself provides a beautiful finish to the stone, eliminating the need for a resin coat. However, if you prefer a glassier finish, you can apply a hard-curing resin like epoxy 330. Please note that when polishing without a resin, it's best to avoid cerium oxide as it can get caught in the pores of the material. Instead, take the material up to 3,000 or higher grits for the best results.

A Few Tips

Polishing: Do not use cerium oxide; it's not suitable for this type of material.

Coating: If you prefer a more glass-like finish, use a hard-curing resin that won't yellow over time.

Drying: After coating, place the stone on a Ziploc bag to dry. Once dried, you can clean up the edges and admire your work.

Whether you like your opals rough and natural or prefer a glassy finish, this pre-stabilized Queensland Matrix Rough Opal offers you the flexibility and quality to create a masterpiece. Happy cutting!

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  • bones63

    Fantastic jewellery essentials! Cheers.

  • bones63

    Fantastic jewellery essentials! Cheers.

  • bones63

    Fantastic jewellery essentials! Cheers.

  • bones63

    Great product! Thank you.


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