Koroit Opal Stones 5,502 Prodotti


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Koroit opal stones are popular worldwide. In the past Koroit opals were not considered a rare opal.

But today opal lovers really appreciate the unique veined opal patterns in this opal.

The prices are still reasonable, so they represent good value in the middle price range $50 to $150.

Koroit opals under $50 are more ironstone, which is the natural potch that they are formed in.

Above this price point the patterns are more striking and veined colours stronger.

Polish does vary on these opals, as if the opal is deep dark chocolate colour, the polish is good and smooth.

Opal that has caramel or softer tone browns to tans ,are generally softer and harder to get a good polish and maybe show slight scratches ,as it is very hard for the opal polisher  to get good polish on these stones

Top Koroit opals are sought after by collector who pay thousands dollars for a unique Koroit opal