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Boulder Opal Parcel direct from the Queensland mines to you at Opal Auctions.

Opal Resellers and jewelry manufactures and even hobbyists like opal parcel deals

 Our sellers specialize in boulder opal parcels and have all shapes and sizes for sale including Koroit Boulder Opal, Yowah Boulder Opal, Winton Boulder Opal, Pipe Opal, Replacement wood opal and Fairy Opal parcels.

Boulder opal parcels are cut from the same bedrock so the colours and appearance match for making jewelry sets, and even for making matching jewelry for your partner as rings or pendants.

The opal fields of Koroit and Yowah produce the most opal parcel lots, and only recently more bright color parcel lots have been available from opal fields of Quilpie, Winton and Opalton.

These opal parcels are clean vibrant colours with or without ironstone or potch showing.

Cutting fees are now problem for opal parcel lots as opal cutters now require cutting fee $10.00 per opal stone and Chinese cutters have dramatically increased their cutting fees for these boulder opals.