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Buy Coober Pedy Opal Rough online direct from the mines at wholesale prices.

Opal rough has been popular from these opal fields for over century.

 The opal forms in seam opal veins in towns around Coober Pedy and is known through the world as white opal with multiple fire colours.

The base or potch of this opal is white porcelain colours to dark colours but mostly china white with bright fire colours on top So rough has always been popular form new cutters to professional cutters.

 Most popular opal fields have been Olympic, Allan rise, White Cliffs and Shell patch, all know for white opal rough.


When opal arrives and you are not 100% happy you can return for refund.

But if you alter or cut the rough it is yours and we cannot exchange

However, if you touch any piece, you are excepting ownership and negative feedback cannot be left.

But comments can be made as neutral if the rough opal didn’t cut to your expectations.

Please study carefully before cutting

The opal rough can hide fossil shells or other marine animals so it need close investigation if any fossils are in a rough parcel

Even the houses are built underground and carved from this white potch as if you ever go underground you can see bright white potch walls and its very pleasant to live underground as average 20 degrees all year round.

 Also painted ladies are found in the area, but they are rarely cut as they make good specimens, but price is determined by how many opals you could cut from these.

Some do have thick color bars, so cutters should study each one closely to see if worth cutting into stones.

Belemnites are also found with this white opal rough and can display multi fire colours.

 The belemnite is opalized from ancient sea creature similar it squid.

Crystal parcels rough have been used by jewelry to make inlay jewelry as this area has lot shell opals and these break up when mining but are ideal to set in jewelry as inlay as small pieces are used to make fantastic opal inlay jewelry and crystals from this area are ideal for this work

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