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At Opal Auctions, we take pride in offering the largest collection of black opals on the web, each meticulously cut to enhance the creation of your bespoke opal jewelry. Whether you envision a unique opal ring, an elegant opal pendant, sophisticated black opal earrings, or a bracelet adorned with mounted opals, we provide the perfect canvas for your creativity.

We understand that the allure of black opals lies in their unique shapes and sizes, making each piece a one-of-a-kind treasure. We, therefore, encourage you to custom design your opal jewelry only after finding an opal that speaks to you. It's a magical experience, akin to a love affair, where the perfect opal captivates your heart at first sight.

Our range of black opals showcases an array of patterns and colors, inviting you on a journey to discover the opal that resonates with your style. We go beyond mere photographs; almost every opal in our collection is accompanied by a short video and detailed explanation, highlighting the captivating play of color that will become the focal point of your jewelry.

Black Opal From Lightning Ridge, Australia

Hailing from Lightning Ridge, Australia, our black opals are a testament to the region's reputation as the prime source of these gemstones. New Opals are added daily, but such is the demand for these precious stones that they often sell quickly. We assure you that every black opal you purchase from us is a genuine gemstone from Lightning Ridge.

Australia, particularly Lightning Ridge, is renowned for producing 97% of the world's sedimentary opals. By choosing our black opals, you are guaranteed authenticity and unparalleled quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Black Opal?

Black opal is an opal variety with a dark body tone, often displaying vibrant color patches. The dark background enhances the opal’s color intensity and brightness compared to lighter opals.

What is the Most Expensive Black Opal?

The value of black opals can be substantial, often reaching into millions of dollars. Due to their rarity and the private nature of opal trade, specific pricing is challenging to ascertain.

How Much is Black Opal Worth?

Black opal value varies, influenced by factors like origin, body tone, color play, predominant color, and pattern. Generally, the more vibrant and bright a black opal, the higher its value. Australian black opals are considered the most valuable.

Do Black Opals Only Come from Australia?

Primarily, yes. Most black opals are found in Australia, specifically in nobbies or nodules. They are rarely discovered in other locations. You may see Black Opal from Ethiopia, but that is mostly treated material. You can also find Black Opal from regions like Hondurus, however they are very scarce.

How Can I Tell if My Black Opal is Real?

Ensure authenticity by purchasing from reputable sources. Our black opals are 100% natural and untreated and all of our sellers have been vetted to ensure that only natural, earth mined Opals are sold.

Why is Black Opal More Expensive Than Other Opal?

Its rarity and unique composition make Australian black opal more expensive. Found mainly in Lightning Ridge, Australia, its distinctive carbon and iron oxide content contributes to its dark tone and high quality.

Are Black Opals Worth More Than Diamonds?

In some cases, yes. Black opals can exceed the value of traditional white diamonds due to their rarity and unique beauty.

What Color is the Most Valuable in Black Opal?

Red on black is considered the most valuable color in black opals. This is due to the rarity of large silica spheres in the opal, which refract red light.

What Makes a Black Opal Black?

Black opals contain the same chemical composition as other opals (hydrated silica) but with additional trace elements like carbon and iron oxide, giving them a dark body tone.

What is the Meaning of Black Opal?

Historically revered and surrounded by myths, black opal has been celebrated for centuries. The ancient Greeks, for example, regarded it highly, with Pliny the Elder naming it the "Queen of Gems."