Rarities Auction - Fine Hand Picked Opals For Auction

The Rarities Auction by Opal Auctions is a special online only auction dedicated to a hand picked selection of fine and rare Opals. This special stone auction will end within a 1 hour window where collectors and Opal lovers are encouraged to bid.

Next Rarities Auction - 4th May 2016 6:30 PM PDT

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To be part of the next Rarities Auction you need to register your interest by clicking the button below. The next Rarities Auction will feature a stunning Black Opal from Lighting Ridge, New South Wales, Australia. Also up for sale is a rare harlequin pattern Opal and a pair of inlay Opal earrings from renowned designer David Freeland Jnr.

Lot 1 - 5.95cts Black Opal From Lightning Ridge

Rarities auction - lot 1 595cts Black Opal

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Three items sold out of the five listed auctions.
The harlequin opal and boulder opal sold and the David Freeland beautiful opal inlay earrings
Over 1700 people watches the auctions finishing so we have decided to add another rarities auction starting end of May for 28 days
All these items will be top quality and with below trade price reserves
Look out on front page when all our sellers will be able to list one item in this rarities auction, so they are picking out a rare and interesting items, as they have to offer best deal and compete against other sellers in this rarities auction

8th May 2016

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