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Queensland, Australia
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Opalmania has beautiful boulder opals at gold coast opal & Gemstone centre, GCOGC and part of verified sellers with huge range opals on display at 25 surfers av mermaid waters Gold Coast 4218 Specimens and even large parcels rough opals on display plus the opal museum Please do visit if your in Queensland a s we are only hour drive from Brisbane airport. Opalmania was founded on offering Koroit opals from our opal mine as rough opal or polished Koroit opals. We sold our share in this opal fields as these opals are now getting harder to find We are opal mining out of Winton and will use Winton a s base in central Queensland to source opals from opal mining partnerships or purchase rough opal We have just set up large scale rough opal cutting operation with large commercial cutting ,slicing rubbing and polishing machines so we can handle bulk parcels rough boulder or Koroit rough opal
Queensland, Australia
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