How To Choose Opal Jewelry
Kako odabrati opalni nakit
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How To Choose Opal Jewelry

We often get asked how to choose opal Jewelry. With all purchases in life you must first decide how much you are willing to spend. If you desire a Opal ring or a pendant you may want to go for a bigger opal than if for earrings or a pendant.

In either case an Opal triplet or doublet will get you a bigger opal at a price less than a solid opal and is perfect as a gift. If you want to purchase your jewelry as a potential as set then purchase a solid natural untreated opal. For small souvenirs for friends, kids, etc triplets would be best as they provide the best value for money. Opals should be chosen based on their colours, patterns and flash and how they suit your personal taste and even dress sense.For example aglow, milky opal necklace may be arranged with a black evening dress.

Remember its your opinion and your opal. Opals are as individual as their owner, no one opals is the same, the colour, patterns and the brightness of opal need to be considered in price. Australian black opal is the rarest and most expensive whereas doublets and triplets are the cheapest as the opal has been enhanced and treated. 



One of the most beautiful color patterns with black opals is sometimes referred to as the“floral pattern”, where the colors multiply through the surface, more or less erratically.Rarer and consequently more precious patterns include the magnificent rolling sparks where a great swatch of color presents itself.

There is also the straw pattern where the color occurs as lines and is linear in its look. There are also some stones that look like Chinese characters which is very rare. Another popular pattern is the Harlequin, a checkerboard pattern which is the rarest among all. Ethiopian opals have beautiful snake to honeycomb patterns to rolling flash patterns


In valuing opal there are some rules to follow but considering that opal tends to be unique there are no solid and quick rules in comparison to other gems. Identifying the worth of an emerald-cut white diamond, for example, is easy - mass, clarity, and faults will insert up to a purposeful value. Not so with the opal, if there is one over-riding aspect it’s luminosity.

Radiant stones of any color will be more priceless than any dull stones with rare colors. In fact, red is one of the more expensive colors, the quantity of red usually enhances its value. Again, a radiant, blue-green opal with great colour play and a striking pattern will be more priceless than a less concentrated than a light orange, or red.

The more colored the stone, the more precious the opal is, despite its type. The pattern will control the value. Opals with broad areas of solid color are typically more expensive compared with those smaller areas. In a general manner, all other things being identical, black opal is more priceless than light or boulder opal.

Generally normal shapes are more expensive than rough shapes as they can be used more easily for jewelry. An exception is the boulder opal which is typically brown ironstone; this is frequently set in more uneven pieces as they tend to have unique shapes and inclusions. 

Kinds of Opal

There are four classes of valuable Opal such as the Crystal, Boulder, Black, and Milk Opal / White Opals. There are also treated opals to choose from such as triplet inlay and doublet.

Black Opal

How To Choose Opal Jewelry

Black opal is mined in Lightning Ridge, Australia and is one of the rarest opals in the world. Black opals are graded by brightness 1 to 5 with five for brightness and one for dullest. Black opal is rated for body tone N1 for darkest black colour to N4 which is the lightest black colour.

  1. Black opals that are directional are ideal a as pendant as the Jeweler can face the opal in a setting to show off the maximum colour fire.
  2. Gem fire black opal with red fire is the most expensive opal.
  3. Expensive black opals are generally set into gold rings.
  4. Cabochon with broad flash fire are ideal black opals for ring
  5. Commercial grade opals are set in sterling silver pendants or rings
  6. Black earrings are hard to find and very hard to match exactly a s there is always slight difference in black opal.

Boulder Opal

Boulder opal is mined in central Queensland Australia over a large area and is opal formed on ironstone. It is ideal to make good boulder opal pendants with large sizes.

Boulder earrings are made from splits, that is two pieces of opal split into two pieces by the opal miner to expose colour on both sides and these are generally good for matching earrings. 

Top boulder opal can have brilliant strong fire colours and these are set into gold rings

Koroit and Yowah Opal Jewelry

These opals have a magical natural pattern and have been popular due to the incredible patterns. They are commonly made into large opal pendants. For a modern opal pendant a hole is drilled through the opal and a necklace added so no silver or gold jewelry design is required for some of these opals.

Wire wrap pendants which use thin piece of silver wire to wrap around the opal are popular with younger generation jewelry buyers

Ethiopian Opal

How To Choose Opal Jewelry

Ethiopian opals have been a recent find for opal lovers. The crystal opals from the Welo region are very popular due to their bright patterns and price discount when compared to black opals

Black opals are rare from Ethiopia but many opals are smoked and these are sold as treated smoked black opal so consumers have to be wary.

Solid Opals

Can be found in Brazil, Mexico, Honduras as well as Peru and Tanzania Africa.

Opal Doublet

How To Choose Opal Jewelry

Doublet opals are thin slices opal glued onto ironstone backing and are ideal to make into opal pendants and earring as it is easy to match these doublet opals. Most doublets are set in silver jewelry but opalised shells are also made into doublets and are not flat but undulating or cabochon and these are ideal for Opal Rings in gold or silver.

Triplet Opal jewelry

Triplet opals are thin slice of opal with backing on bottom and clear top so the opal colour is greatly enhanced. Triplet opals are good value for money as the opal is bright and easy to match.

Crystal Opal

How To Choose Opal Jewelry

Crystal opals are clear opals that are transparent and can be found in opal the fields of lightning ridge and Coober Pedy, Australia. Crystal opal is also found in Mexico, Brazil and Ethiopian opal fields.  This opal can have good cabochon and be larger than black opal so makes ideal opal jewelry.

  1. Fire opal patterns are stunning in some crystal opals especially opals form Ethiopia.
  2. Crystal opals with high a cabochon make good rings as colour hues can be seen from every angle.
  3. Crystal opals are also ideal to make as matching earrings as the opal is lot easier to match and sometimes you can match earrings, pendants and ring all with same colours.
  4. Many old opals from the start of the century have fire crystal opals claw set into gold rings with diamonds.

Inlay Opal

How To Choose Opal Jewelry

Inlaid Opals are firm Opals which have been included into a set of jewelry so that the jewel’s metal surface is similar to level surface of the Opal. It can also be any class of Opal, but it is typically preferred to Crystal, Black and Boulder-Opal inlay.

Intarsia Opal

This traditional centuries old European craftsmanship is now used to make opal inlay pendants called Intarsia. It has opal crystal pieces set into pattern with other types and colours of opal or gemstones and stunning artistic scenes are created in these pendants.

Jelly Opal

Jelly opal comes either in seam or nobby form. The various grades of jelly opal can vary from radiance to classy dark opal. Though it is still jelly, they have unusual densities and colors from bright to dark. Jelly opal is a large stone especially for the opal aficionado that has got others in their collection. You don’t need to spend your money on having the most jelly opal compared to crystal and black opal.

White Opal

Even today these traditional opal rings are popular. Sometimes it is called fire opal because the mine in Coober Pedy has a lot of colour fire play. In last 20 years has been popular around the world and even old settings of fire opals from Coober Pedy have been found in England. White opal can been set with gold and diamonds in traditional design pendants

What to look when buying Opals Jewelry?

When purchasing Opal jewelry, you must consider the Opal’s kind, extent, luster, tone and pattern. As with any gemstone it typically comes down to selecting a color of Opal that you may find striking and that sustains your budget as well.

Form and Setting color:The form and amount of Opal are the main factors in identifying the significance of Opals. Gem value black Opal commands the utmost price per every carat. Black Opal, which has a shady background, is more precious compared with crystal Opal which in turn is usually more costly than milky/white Opal.

Range:With all other elements held stable, the bigger the Opal the more precious they are. As with other stones like sapphires and diamonds, Opals are considered in carats.

Brilliance:The quantity of its intensity is quite significant. The livelier the colors are, the better its worth will be. A dry stone with several or all colors will be less priceless compare with the other Opal with a solitary, animated color.

Color:Usually, the extra color within Opal is quite more precious. The prevailing colors of fire in an Opal have worth in order starting from (red, orange yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet).

Pattern:Better patterns of colors together with brightness have a big effect on its worth and attractiveness of Opals. Wide patterns or great flashes are more priceless than pinfire and small classes of pattern. Different patterns such as harlequin, regular flash, jigsaw, block and strip are usually rare. Once more, it comes down to what is quite appealing.

Cracks/Faults: Also be aware of any faults or inclusions in the stone. Any opal seller should hopefully disclose any imperfections but make sure you do not buy a stone with cracks or mistake a crack for a natural formation.


Kako odabrati opalni nakit

Često se pitamo kako odabrati opalni nakit. Uz sve kupnje u životu prvo morate odlučiti koliko ste spremni potrošiti. Ako želite Opal prsten ili privjesak, možda ćete htjeti ići na veći opal nego ako ste za naušnice ili privjesak.

U oba slučaja opal triplet ili dublet će vam dobiti veći opal po cijeni manjoj od krutog opala i savršen je kao dar. Ako želite kupiti vaš nakit kao potencijal kao skup onda kupiti čvrste prirodno neobrađen opal. Za male suvenire za prijatelje, djecu, itd. Triplet bi bilo najbolje jer pružaju najbolju vrijednost za novac. Opali bi trebali biti odabrani na temelju svojih boja, uzoraka i bljeskova te kako odgovaraju vašem osobnom ukusu, pa čak i haljini. Na primjer, aglow, mliječna opalna ogrlica može biti uređena crnom večernjom haljinom.

Zapamti svoje mišljenje i opalu. Opali su jednaki kao i njihovi vlasnici, nitko od opala nije isti, boju, uzorci i sjaj opala treba uzeti u obzir u cijeni. Australski crni opal je najrjeđi i najskuplji, dok su dubleti i tripleti najjeftiniji jer se opal pojačava i liječi.



Jedan od najljepših uzoraka boja s crnim opalima ponekad se naziva "cvjetnim uzorkom", gdje se boje množe kroz površinu, više ili manje čudno. Rareri i posljedično dragocjeni uzorci uključuju veličanstvene valjane iskre gdje je veliki uzorak boja se predstavlja.

Tu je i slamnati uzorak gdje se boja pojavljuje kao linija i linearna u svom izgledu. Postoje i neki kamenčići koji izgledaju poput kineskih znakova koji su vrlo rijetki. Drugi popularni uzorak je Harlequin, šablonski uzorak koji je najrjeđi među svima. Etiopski opali imaju prekrasnu zmiju na uzorke saćastog na uzorke bljeskanja


U vrednovanju opala postoje neka pravila koja slijede, ali s obzirom na to da opal ima tendenciju da bude jedinstven, nema čvrste i brze pravilnosti u odnosu na druge dragulje. Na primjer, prepoznavanje vrijednosti od bijelog dijamanta od smaragda je jednostavno - mase, jasnoće i pogreške umetnite do određene vrijednosti. Ne tako s opalom, ako postoji jedan nadmoćni aspekt je svjetlost.

Radijantni kamen bilo koje boje će biti neprocjenjiviji od svih dosadnih kamenja s rijetkim bojama. Zapravo, crvena je jedna od skuplje boje, količina crvene obično povećava njegovu vrijednost. Opet, blistavi, plavo-zeleni opal s velikom bojom i upečatljiv uzorak bit će neprocjenjiviji nego manje koncentriran od svijetlo narančaste ili crvene boje.

Što je više obojan kamen, to je skuplje opal, unatoč tipu. Uzorak će kontrolirati vrijednost. Opali s velikim površinama čvrste boje obično su skuplji u usporedbi s tim manjim područjima. Na općenit način, sve druge stvari su identične, crni opal je više neprocjenjiv od svjetlosti ili gromada opala.

Općenito, normalni oblici skuplji su od grubih oblika jer se lakše mogu koristiti za nakit. Iznimka je opal boulder koji je obično smeđi ironstone; to je često postavljeno u više neravnih komada jer imaju tendenciju da imaju jedinstvene oblike i inkluzije.

Vrste opala

Postoje četiri razreda vrijednih opala kao što su kristal, gromada, crna i mliječni opal / bijeli opali. Postoje također tretirani opali za odabir, kao što su tripletni inlat i dublet.

Crni opal

Kako odabrati opalni nakit

Crni opal miniran je u Lightning Ridgeu u Australiji i jedan je od najrjeđih opala na svijetu. Crni opali se odlikuju svjetlinom od 1 do 5, s pet za svjetlinu, a jedan za najdulji. Crni opal ocijenjen je za tjelesni ton N1 za najtamniju crnu boju do N4, što je najlakša crna boja.

  1. Crni opali koji su usmjereni idealni su kao privjesak kao što se zlatar može suočiti s opalom u postavci da pokaže maksimalnu požar u boji.
  2. Gem fire crni opal sa crvenom vatrom je najskuplji opal.
  3. Skupi crni opali uglavnom su postavljeni u zlatne prstenove.
  4. Cabochon sa širokim bljeskalicom su idealni crni opali za prsten
  5. Komercijalni grade opale su postavljene u sterling srebro privjesci ili prstenovi
  6. Crne naušnice teško je pronaći i vrlo se teško podudaraju baš kao što uvijek postoji mala razlika u crnom opalu.

Boulder Opal

Boulder opal je miniran u središnjem Queenslandu u Australiji preko velikog područja i opal je formiran na željeznom kamenu. Idealno je za izradu velikih opalnih privjesaka od gipsa velikih veličina.

Naušnice od gromada izrađene su od podjele, to je dva opalna dijela od opalnog rudara na dva dijela kako bi obojene boje obojale i općenito su dobre za usklađivanje naušnica.

Vrhunski opal boulder može imati sjajne snažne boje vatre i to su postavljene u zlatne prstenove

Koroit i Yowah Opal Nakit

Ovi opali imaju čarobni prirodni uzorak i popularni su zbog nevjerojatnih uzoraka. Oni su obično izrađeni u velike opalne privjesci. Za moderni opalni privjesak bušen je kroz opalu i ogrlica je dodana, tako da za neke od tih opala nije potreban srebrni ili zlatni nakit.

Žičani privjesci koji upotrebljavaju tanak komad srebrne žice za omatanje opala popularni su kod kupaca nakita mladih generacija

Etiopijski Opal

Kako odabrati opalni nakit

Etiopski opali nedavno su pronađeni ljubitelji opala. Kristalni opali iz regije Welo vrlo su popularni zbog svojih svijetlih uzoraka i popusta u odnosu na crne opale

Crni opali su rijetki iz Etiopije, ali mnogi opali su pušeni i oni se prodaju kao tretirani dimljeni crni opal tako da potrošači moraju biti oprezni.

Čvrsti opali

Može se naći u Brazilu, Meksiku, Hondurasu, kao i Peru i Tanzanija.

Opal Doublet

Kako odabrati opalni nakit

Dvojni opali su tanke kriške opala zalijepljene na željeznu podlogu i idealne su za izradu opalnih privjesaka i naušnica jer se lako podudaraju s tim opalama. Većina dubleta postavljena je u srebrni nakit, ali opalizirane školjke su također napravljene u dubletne i nisu ravne, već valovite ili kabokonski, a one su idealne za opale prstenove u zlatu ili srebru.

Triplet Opal nakit

Tripletni opali su tanki dio opala s podlogom na dnu i bistrom vrhom tako da je opalna boja uvelike poboljšana. Tripletni opali su dobra vrijednost za novac budući da je opal svijetao i lako se podudaraju.

Crystal Opal

Kako odabrati opalni nakit

Kristalni opali su jasni opali koji su transparentni i mogu se naći u opalu polja munja i Coober Pedy, Australija. Kristalni opal također se nalazi u Meksiku, Brazilu i etiopskim opalnim poljima. Ovaj opal može imati dobar cabochon i biti veći od crnog opala tako da čini idealni opalski nakit.

  1. Protupožarni opalni uzorci zapanjuju u nekim kristalnim opalama, osobito opalima iz Etiopije.
  2. Kristalni opali s visokim kabokonom čine dobre prstene jer se boja boja može vidjeti iz svakog kuta.
  3. Kristalni opali su također idealni za izradu sličnih naušnica kao što je opal puno lakše uskladiti, a ponekad možete odgovarati naušnice, privjesci i prsten sa istim bojama.
  4. Mnogi stari opali s početka stoljeća imaju kuglu kristalnih opala postavljenih u zlatne prstenove s dijamantima.

Inlay Opal

Kako odabrati opalni nakit

Umetnuti opali su tvrtke Opals koje su uključene u skupinu nakita, tako da je dragulj metalne površine sličan razini površine Opala. Također može biti bilo koja klasa Opala, no obično se preferira kristalno, crno i Boulder-Opal umetak.

Intarzija Opal

Ovaj tradicionalni stoljetni europski obrtništvo sada se koristi za izradu opalnih unutrašnjih privjesaka nazvanih Intarsia. Opalni kristalni komadi postavljeni su u uzorak s ostalim vrstama i bojama opala ili gemstonesa i zapanjujuće umjetničke scene stvaraju se u tim privjescima.

Jelly Opal

Jelly opal dolazi u obliku šavova ili nobby. Različite vrste žlijezda opala mogu se razlikovati od sjajnog do elegantnog tamnog opala. Iako je još uvijek marmelan, oni imaju neuobičajene gustoće i boje od svijetle do tamne. Jelly opal je veliki kamen posebno za opal aficionado koji ima druge u svojoj kolekciji. Ne trebate trošiti svoj novac na opal u većini zelenila u usporedbi s kristalima i crnim opalom.

Bijeli opal

Čak i danas ovi tradicionalni opalni prstenovi su popularni. Ponekad se zove opal, jer rudnik u Cooberu Pedy ima puno boja u igri. U posljednjih 20 godina popularan je diljem svijeta, pa čak i stare postavke vatrenih opala iz Coober Pedya pronađene su u Engleskoj. Bijeli opal mogu se postaviti zlatom i dijamantima u tradicionalnim privjescima za dizajn

Što izgleda kada kupujete Opals Nakit?

Kada kupujete Opal nakit, morate uzeti u obzir vrstu, opseg, sjaj, ton i uzorak Opala. Kao i kod bilo kakvog dragog kamenja, obično se svodi na odabir boje Opala koje možete naći udarnim i koji također održava vaš proračun.

Oblik i postavljanje boje: Oblik i količina Opala glavni su čimbenici u prepoznavanju značaja Opala. Gem vrijednost crna Opal zapovijeda najvišu cijenu po svakom karatu. Crni opal, koji ima sjenovitu pozadinu, dragocjeniji je u usporedbi s kristalnim Opalom koji je opet skuplji od mliječno / bijelog Opala.

Raspon: S ostalim elementima koji se održavaju stabilni, što je Opal veći, to su dragocjeniji. Kao i kod drugih kamenja kao što su safiri i dijamanti, opali se smatraju karatima.

Briljantnost: Količina njezinog intenziteta je vrlo značajna. Što su boje življe, to će bolje biti vrijedno. Suhi kamen s nekoliko ili svih boja bit će manje neprocjenjiv usporediti s drugim Opalom s osamljenom, animiranom bojom.

Boja: Obično je dodatna boja unutar Opala prilično dragocjenija. Prevalentne boje vatre u Opalu vrijedi počevši od (crvena, narančasta žuta, zelena, plava, indigo i ljubičasta).

Uzorak: Bolji uzorci boja zajedno s svjetlinom imaju veliki utjecaj na vrijednost i atraktivnost opala. Široki uzorci ili veliki bljeskovi više su neprocjenjivi nego pinfire i male skupine uzoraka. Različiti uzorci kao što su harlekin, obična bljeskalica, slagalica, blok i traka obično su rijetki. Još jednom se svodi na ono što je vrlo privlačno.

Pukotine / pogreške: Također, imajte na umu sve greške ili inkluzije u kamenu. Svaki prodavatelj opala trebao bi se nadati otkriti sve nedostatke, ali pazite da ne kupite kamen s pukotinama ili pogriješite pukotinu za prirodnu formaciju.


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I see few people wearing man made opal jewelry or synthetic opal.
Its is so bright and colourful and I do wonder, do they know its synthetic opal or not, as i always make comment on how pretty opal jewelry is.
I know opalauctions sells only real opals but think they could do more information about synthetic opals as Etsy and eBay are full of these man made opal jewelleries.
It seems selling opals unset that description   is more accurate but with jewellery I see beautiful rings and pennants and earring that are obviously man made but make no mention they are synthetic.
I just don’t like to see people buying synthetic opals and not aware of it
Thank you for posting my comments

23rd Aug 2016
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