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What Color is Opal?

What Color is Opal?

You might be wondering why opals are so colorful and exactly what color they are. There are several factors that contribute to the unique rainbow of colors that an opal stone emits.
  • 14th Oct 2019
  • 4
What is Dragon’s Breath Opal?

What is Dragon’s Breath Opal?

Our first order of business is to clarify that Dragon’s Breath Opal is not opal. While it does have an opalescent sheen that might trick you into believing it’s the elusive opal, it is actually made entirely of Czechoslovakian glass.
  • 9th Sep 2019
  • 2
Opal Trends - What Opals Are Popular Right Now

Opal Trends - What Opals Are Popular Right Now

A monthly breakdown of the best opal trends and sales on Opal Auctions. A must read for all industry buyers and sellers for the best choice of investment opals.
  • 2nd Oct 2019
  • 16
The Opal Channel

The Opal Channel

Watch, learn and enjoy videos that are all about opals. From educational information to advanced cutting instructions. A must see for all opal enthusiasts.
  • 3rd Apr 2019
  • 22
  • 1

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Opal Auctions Online

Hi Welcome to Opal Auctions, the world’s leading industry opal website for all your opal requirements. Our verified opal miners and sellers offer opals direct from rough opals, opal specimens and a massive range opal stones to opal jewelry from all corners of the world.

We have over 140 approved opal sellers from over 2 dozen countries and have sold over 300,00 opals to 147 countries worldwide. We have over 100,000 opal lovers as loyal members. Our sellers offer opals on a level playing field and have the industry’s most up to date information in the opal Encyclopedia. We also keep abreast of all the latest gemmological information about opals.

We strongly support the opal mining industry and members of opal associations worldwide.

Learn more about the Team

Opals for Sale

Our sellers must abide by stringent listing and description details so that it is easy for our buyers to compare opals from each seller. This is a fantastic advantage for our buyers. After 30 years’ experience we know that opal miners and opal wholesalers have strong passion for their opals that they mine. Sellers must give accurate descriptions, images and videos must include a hand shot and not just black images that make the opal look brighter. Only rough opal can be listed wet to show the opal colors.

Any Opal seller approved to sell on our website has been vetted in order to become one of our verified sellers.

We also find opal miners can price opals different depending on production, if high production they list lower price but if the production is low their price increases. Opal buyers can now compare opal seller’s listings and can follow our item watch, which is helpful to find what opals are actually selling for and helps buyers to follow price trends accurately.

Online Opal Auction Categories

We offer buyers exact category descriptions by opal so it is easy to search for a specific opal, opal type or even seller country. Also, buyers can search by sellers in certain country, as we have over 140 approved opal sellers from all parts of the world

Opal jewelry is also in exact category description so buyers can search in confidence. Solid opals are separated out from Opal doublet or Opal triplet jewelry.

Opal Sheriff

The Opal Sheriff program is managed by a panel of gemmologists so our sellers are updated with all latest developments in the opal industry. We do not allow opals from Indonesia or Ethiopia to be called black opal, unless an approved gemmological laboratory issue certification. Gemstone testing laboratories also have to be approved by our Opal sheriff program.

Many Ethiopian opals are smoked or treated and our sellers will supply accurate descriptions so that buyers can have confidence our descriptions are accurate to the highest standard. Black Opals are from Lightning Ridge and our sellers must have accurate description in regards to Body Tone as only body tone N1 to N4 is considered black Opal. A opal with N5 to N6 is considered semi black or dark opal.

Investment Opals

Many buyers do ask is opal an investment? Founder Wayne Sedawie has seen red fire on black opals from lightning ridge increase by over 20% per year in last 30 years. Today black opals are getting harder to find and no reason why they will not keep increasing as demand is so high for rare gems and opals.

New buyers can enjoy $10 Discount voucher on their first order for opal jewlery from opal rings, pendants, earrings or opal stones. Many repeat opal buyers resell in their country so most sellers offer reward program for long term repeat business who are offered discounts .

Treasure Auctions Network

Vous visitez un site du Treasure Auctions Network . Visitez l'un de nos sites frères ci-dessous et commencez immédiatement à l'aide de vos informations de connexion.

Programmes de vérification

Programmes de vérification

Tous les vendeurs sur Opal Auctions doivent se conformer à notre programme des vendeurs vérifiés , qui garantit un niveau élevé de connaissance du secteur, une politique de remboursement cohérente et des prix de gros.

Programmes de vérification

Le programme Opal Sheriff permet à nos membres de demander un audit de toute enchère. Ce programme est complété par un Gemologist indépendant qui évalue l'exactitude de la description et des images de l'article.