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Buy Coober Pedy opals direct from opal miners This south Australian opal fields was one of first area of Australia to be mined for opals and has worldwide reputation for white opal, this type opal is sometimes the first opal someone will see from Australia and is called white a s the opal forms naturally on this white potch ,it is sometimes called porcelain white opal a s the opal can be as white as fine china. This white opal is not just white but has variety colours that make opal popular ,as white opal can have blue hues to green hues on top or multi fire colours to sunset opal colours. But sometimes the opals does not form on this white potch and these are called crystal and can also have huge variety colours but blues and green are mostly found as crystals and multi fire ones are expensive a s they are also rare Coober Pedy is a local aborigine word for White Man s hole and hence white opal also a s opal miners do life underground and this helps people to live there in the hot summers a s below is constant 20-24 degrees and it is pleasant o life in these dugouts that have air vents and many tourists will visit these dugouts on way to Ayres rock. The town also referred to as the “opal capital of the world”,as so much opal has been mine dover the years and was the first opal to go to England and even today Hong Kong opal shops display mostly white opal and they call this milky opal also So best not to visit Coober Pedy in the summer months as temperatures are extreme and autumn and winter are the best time to visit and sleep in dug out