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Some opals have really unique patterns and each one is nearly as unique as a finger print. One pattern that is very special and rare is the Chinese Writting pattern. In the process of an Opal forming, lines can form on the Opal that look like Chinese writing or Kanji Characters. The patterns are not 100% accurate but some people can read words such as LONG LIFE or LUCKY in these patterns. Lines can also be formed as stripes or zebra patterns lines and are more common on  boulder opals but most Chinese writing patterns appear on opals from Lightning Ridge and mostly Good black opals N1 to N2 or top crystal opals. Many of these patterned stones need to be rolled to see the flash of pattern fully. This is due to how the opals was formed and seems to be more prominent in rolling pattern flashes than broad flash straight on colors.  Most are also cabochon and oval shape but some are beautiful freeform shapes. Back opal with this distinct pattern make ideal rings as they suit hand movements to show the pattern more clear than as a pendant To own one of these gemstones is so unique as many miners do collect these opals and opal collectors do also admire these stones in their opal collections. There will never be volume of these stones on the market as mining is more difficult now and need high production just to find few gems with these pattern characteristics.

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