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Mother Nature has created beautiful treasures such as gold nuggets, opals and gemstones. They are formed beneath the Earth’s surface under unique pressures and processes to produce the wonders known as natures treasures.

Treasuresauctions Site -Opalauctions

Treasures are considered to be items of value that appreciate in dollar value over years. It’s a fact that up to 95% of people purchase items that don’t appreciate in value. There is a great potential in realising the importance of monetary appreciation.

Treasures Of The World auction sites were conceived on the principle that Mother Nature does not make any new treasures. What Mother Nature has born is all that we have, these treasures can take millions of years to be born. Deposits of treasures that are easy to find have already been found, so any newly discovered treasures will be expensive to find!

Treasures Of The World auction sites have sold over an astonishing 350,000 gems to over 64 countries. Together with our carefully selected Verified Sellers our team adds superior quality and assurance to all our sites and provide vast confidence to all our buyers. We offer all our customers the privilege to buy directly from the source and pay at most the wholesale price for any item.

All our sites have the popular ‘No reserve auctions’ in which the items for sale in the category are sold regardless of the price! Enjoy the opportunity of purchasing rare and expensive items for a bargain price!

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Opalauctions site provide a massive range of opals directly from Australian and Ethiopian miners, and wholesalers from around the world. Opals such as Black, Boulders, Crystals, Triplets, Doublets, Koroit, Mintabie, Yowah, Andamooka, Cooper Pedy, Ethiopian, Mexican, Peru, Brazilian, Honduran, Tanzania and USA. Special categories such as Investment opals, rough opals, Lapidary, Opal jewelry, Carvings, opal fossils and much more. There are plenty to choose from.


Gemrockauctions specializes in high quality gemstones at wholesale prices. Our stunning certified gemstones are popular as buyers can have confidence that the gemstones description is correct. We have a Gemstone Sheriff and GAP (Gemstone Advisory Panel) to check the gemstones are as described. Gemrockauctions showcases a great range of precious and semi-precious gemstones in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Included are mineral specimens, Australian minerals, fossils, gold, gemstone skulls, collectibles, lapidary supplies and much more.


Jewelry-auctioned is a specialist gemstone jewelry site that offers modern and stylish jewelry with genuine gemstones that are set in silver, gold and platinum. Many sellers have their own factories and personally oversee the manufacturing and production line to add their own personal touch in every piece of jewelry. With over 12,000 jewelry pieces in jewelry-auctioned and over 9,500 pieces sold, the site offers a wonderful and dazzling variety of jewelry that you can’t afford to miss.


Coins-auctioned boasts a wide collection of silver and gold coins from all over the world. It is a coin specialist site with top sales in silver coins and ancient coins. Coins-auctioned is an authorised distributer of Perth Mint coins and being only a new site, have already sold over 5,000 coins. Coins range from Australian coins, World coins and Ancient coins. Don’t miss your chance to buy a timeless piece of history from Shipwreck coins to Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Spanish, Indian and early medieval coins! Enjoy our high quality coins at great prices.


Gemstonesauctions is a specialist synthetic gemstone site offering fantastic quality man made and synthetic gemstone at affordable prices. If buying a real gemstone is too expensive for your budget, synthetic gemstones are next to none in imitating other stones. Synthetic gemstones look just as real and beautiful to the naked eye as natural stones.

We are welcoming the arrival of our newest online auction site to the join the team of Treasures Of The World. Starting in October 2013, we welcome….


Myfashionhq is specialist fashion site that is continuously growing to bring the latest fashions and fashion jewelry from around the world to you. You can’t purchase many of our items in the local department stores….


GEMSTONES: Gemstone Treasures have been found from all over the world. It is considered that the older the continent the more valuable and prolific gemstones are. Some treasures are not regarded to have a high dollar value but what makes them invaluable is that they are regarded to be natural treasures.

OPALS: What makes opal treasures and opal mining so popular is that a single person can easily go fossicking or dig their own opal mine. An opal miner only needs to find one rare red colour on a black opal at Lighting Ridge and it could be worth thousands. There are many opal miners that keep digging to find their own opal treasures.

ETHIOPIA: In Ethiopia there are now many tribal people that are digging in the mountain sides. They are trying to find their own opal and gemstone treasures to exchange for money in order to finally change to a better way of life.

AMMONITE: Ammonites are an extinct marine animal that are now found rarely as fossilized shells. Their spiral shaped shells resemble that of coiled ram ’s horns that can solid as metal.

Even common agate gemstones can have some stunning unique patterns and are treasures to own

Each continent has specific treasures and reputation

Africa has tanzanite gemstones in Tanzania, Ethiopia has opals and South Africa wealth treasures from gold to diamonds

Siberia in Russia has treasures of emeralds to diamonds and Charlotte and seraphiite, many different treasures

Australia is mineral rich in treasures from iron ore to gold and rich in opal treasures

Islands like Madagascar has treasures from ancient days from ammonite to many fossils

Treasures found in south America include emeralds from Columbia and brazil and amethyst geodes and gemstones treasures

Afghanistan treasures include many minerals to kunzite and emerald and rubes

Sir lanka treasures include sapphires

Ruby’s are found In many places around the world from Asia to Africa

This ruby treasure has been admired for centuries


To fossicking for gold nuggets

What treasures will be unearthed in years to come

We expect new finds or precious gemstones to be unearthed

Many countries have prospectors looking for new fields

Fossicking for gold is one hobby that has given many hobbyists untold treasure and wealth

In Australia it is a popular hobby with many people working the old gold fields from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia to central Victorian gold fields

Most fossickers use metal detectors or vacuum pumps in river sand

It is generally considered that most treasures that are easily found have been worked so to find new gold bearing treasures is considered to be very lucky

Even in brazil to open mine now take around 5 years time environmental aspects are taken into account and fees now a more expensive in most countries so we expect prices to keep increasing from gemstone treasures

Today many gemstones are treated as demand is high for natural stones and many synthetics are sold as many people cannot afford natural gemstones

So we consider gemstones to be natural treasure


Treasures also include ancient coins

Some civilizations like roman and Greek coins to ancient Indian coins have been found in buried or ship wreck treasures

One dig found in Romania unearthed over 100,000 coins another dig in England unearthed a thousand year old solid gold artefacts from a church that had been buried and lost til found.

Many treasures still need to be found from prospecting for opals or digging for ancient coins

Treasures of the world coins

Coins in silver with lockets of gemstones have been popular for collectors

From sapphire to diamonds to pearls to garnets and gold nuggets


Treasures are unique items and in some countries they value these treasures differently

For example jade gemstones have been popular in china for centuries

Some areas that produced ancient jade stones are brown in colour and not green and these are worth thousands dollars to Asians but not that valuable to a western person

Different treasures for different races

Even tribal people consider treasure not to be dollar value

In Australia ancient aborigines valued rock that held water, to find rock concave that held water could be lifesaving and therefore considered a treasure

In desert with high temperature this was very important but modern man doesn’t value this rock as treasure

A oasis in the desert in considered natural treasure and could be live saving

Ancient incas didn’t consider gold a such of treasure a as high as western-man.

The sun god was more treasure to many civilizations

Ancients considered items that were offered to their gods as treasures such as their children for human sacrifice and that the gods would look at their sacrifice and give them a good season of crops or foods.

Diamonds have always been treasure that men go to war over and proceeds from diamond sales to keep many governments in power, also considered blood diamonds

Diamonds are considered a valuable treasure but it is only the large or good clarity diamonds that increase in price

One colour that has caught the imagination of people are is pink diamonds they are one of the highly regarded treasures


Most treasures of the world appreciate in value and do not depreciate

Most modern day items depreciate rapidly from our electronics, tv’s mobile phones, all on average depreciate up to 50% of their value in the first year

Treasures are items that hold value or appreciate in value and are considered scarce or rare or hard to obtain





Ancient coins



Ancient documents

Low production collectibles

Art collectibles



Minerals are considered treasure for the country that has many deposits. From oil, gas, solar energy from geysers are natural treasures of a country

Most countries have museums housing items and collectible treasures that are important for that country

Personal treasures

These are private for lifestyle enjoyment and only considered treasure for private reasons

Sorry your priced car is not considered a treasure unless it is rare n collectible as the majority of cars depreciate the minute you drive out from the dealer

Houses are considered a personal item and not treasures. It is the land that is valuable and increases as house building depreciates

In some parts of the world economic factors effect value of land and depreciates as example Detroit in USA

Jewelry has been considered status symbol since ancient times

Ancient civilizations understood the importance of owing and wearing rare treasures and jewelry was considered a personal treasure in Terms of displaying their wealth and status above others

Heirloom jewelry has sentimental value as family’s treasure and yes

Some treasures lose their instructive value over time

Cedar trees in Lebanon were considered national treasure when the timber was used to build wooden boats

Even frankincense was treasure in ancient times and dye was treasure that only church clothes or clothes of those in power could be purple colour

Today it is not considered treasure


In France truffles are considered treasure of taste

These are rare and hard to grow and crop so is considered delicacy treasure

Oysters are also considered treasure of the sea as not only she taste unique but pearls are also found in pearl find a natural pearl is now considered treasure as most pearls have had human intervention

But most pearls are now refresh water and man has added techniques by adding nuclei to shell that Pearl are not considered treasure

Wine many drinkers or collectors’ value treasures of good wine from port to red and collectors think parapet 1934 can be prized treasure in their collection

Today we still consider handmade exquisite jewellery as our ancient fore fathers did

Movie stars always want the largest and rarest jewelry piece

Chinese buyers appreciate the value of rare Ming dynasty jar and can pay up to Ten Million for a Jar as it is valuable treasure from their history

Many antiques are considered more of a treasure in their country of origin

English, Dutch, German antiques are valued as higher treasure in their country of origin so many dealers source former colonies from antiques to take back to their country

Art treasures. We have all heard of someone buying painting at garage sale only to find out later that t is worth fortune. Many art treasures are still to be found by famous painters

Collectibles. These are considered treasures by small group of collectors who are willing to pay top dollars for rare items. From matchbox cars to toys ranging from Star Wars to Barrie’s

Rare toys are considered treasure by collectors

Clothing worn by movie stars such as Marilynn Monroe’s famous dress is considered treasure to props used in movies.

The more popular the movie the valuable is the treasure.

Our strength is our verified sellers! Make more stronger -to add confidence to our sites

Booming areas are wearing gold and jewellery incase there’s a natural disaster. In calamity a gold ring could be worth a loaf of bread. Jewellery can be insurance policies.

Silver coins have been volatile but steadily increased.

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