Seller Cancelled Sale

When a sale is canceled, we will calculate and credit certain expenses to you.

Please note: Commission is only calculated on an item when it is in the Paid and Shipped status. Another status does not attract a commission payment (if someone “Make An Offer” or wins a bid, but does not pay, then no commission is charged)

Scenario 1: The sale and cancellation occur in the same billing cycle (calendar month).

In this case, you will not see a commission charge or credit for this transaction.

Scenario 2: The sale and cancellation occur across separate months.

In this case, the seller will pay the commission for the item.

Then, when they receive the commission invoice for the month that the item was canceled, they will see a credit given to them.

Special credits:

We will also credit your commission invoice if you create a Premium or Showcase listing that is won (either by bid or Make An Offer) but not paid for. This will occur when you change the status of the item to cancel.

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