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Selling: Verified Sellers


To be verified seller on this site, you must:

  • Have a passion and knowledge for opals / gemstones
  • Be a member of a trade or jewellery organization
  • Offer wholesale prices not retail
  • Business and personal references to prove your established business and adherence to high business standards
  • Exchange wins if buyer requests


Listing fee will be $0.50 for all listings.

This is a once only fee, listings can be set to automatically relist for 99999 times.

Commissions charged on sold items as follows:

$1 to $49.99

$50 to $99.99 9.75%
$100 to $199.99 9.5%
$200 to $299.99 9%
$300 to $499.99 8%
$500 to $999.99 7.5%
$1,000 to $1,999.99 7%
$2,000 to $2,999.00 6.5%
$3,000.00+ 5%


Plan fees per month will stay same except for:

Starter plan that will be $10 per month with video upload included.

Sellers on OA n GR can have sellers account on jewelry-auctioned or with No Monthly admin plan fee.

Verifed Sellers fees from 1st Jan 2008


Starter plan up to 20 items are allowed 2 NR

To be eligible for Base plan you need 21 to 100 items which include 10 NR auctions

To be eligible for Star plan you need 101 to 250 items which include 11 NR auctions

To be eligible for Gem plan you need 251 to 500 items which include 12 NR auctions

To be eligible for Harl plan you need 501to 1000 items which include 18 NR auctions

To be eligible for GH plan you need 1001 to 5000 items which include 20 NR auctions



  OUR BEST PLAN Our most popular premium plans Basic plans

Gem Harlequin


Gem Opal

Star Opal

Base Opal


Monthly fee






$10 / Month

Max active items 5000 1000 500 250 100 20
Commission on sale







Buy It Now items yes yes yes yes



Virtual store +$10/Month +$10/Month +$10/Month +$10/Month +$10/Month -
No Reserve items







Verified Seller yes yes yes yes yes yes
Homepage exposure yes yes yes yes



Videos on items yes yes yes yes



Free cross promotion on yes yes yes yes - -



  • Seller’s fees: 10% on all sales due after 14th of the following month.
  • Monthly administration fees depend on membership level.
  • All members must be a current member of a trade organization
  • No links are allowed on to your website
  • Minimum fee on Opalauctions is 0.50 commission
  • Sellers have to have 20 positive feedback and 100 Listings before they are upgraded as a  Verified Seller.


Opal Sheriff Program.

This program is operated by qualified Gemmologist and panel of advisers from with the Opal industry.

The Gemmologist is a voluntary position and is not paid or reimbursed in any way.

Any queries or questions should be direct to our sheriffs.

All sellers are to adhere to highest level of professional conduct for the benefit of the opal/gemstone industry

Sellers who do not adhere to our level of conduct are given three warnings before they are permanently suspended

A warning from sheriff is considered a strike

Three strikes and seller is suspended.

Sheriff can issue downgrade for 30 days also with out effecting a strike

example if seller lists a synthetic stone they will be downgraded for 30 days which means they cannot list any new items.

A strike automatically downgrades seller for 30 days also

Sellers with Feedback below 95% are not Verified Sellers and cannot have account upgraded till feedback above 95 % for last 12 months a trading.

OS can suspend sellers under 95% feedback.


Terms and Conditions

Sellers have agreed to our terms and conditions when registered.

To be verified Seller you agree to the following before listing.

1. Agree to list as per FTC guidelines

2. Agree to post accurate descriptions and use correct categories

3. Pay your fees by 16th of each month in 7 days

4. Verified Sellers are not permitted to bid on family, their own or any related companies Opals on Opalauctions,

    but are permitted to bid on 3 rd party sellers that they have no connection with as buyers account not selelrs account .

5. All sellers have an obligation to sell at whatever price NR$1 items sell for, regardless of the price received.

6. Highest Professional business standards to be practised by all  Sellers

7. Sellers are not permitted to have links to other web sites or use email address or have same opal listed on another web site

8. Code Of conduct


Code of Conduct:

Sellers agree to Our Opal Auctions Code Of Conduct


To professionally supply buyers orders  to 100% satisfaction of customer and to uphold integrity in the Opal industry 100%

Any breach of unprofessional business practise will result in a warning.

Sellers can contact their past buyers but are not allowed to contact buyers who have not purchased from them.

Descriptions have to be accurate and images are not to be enhanced.

If black background is used a hand shot is required or white back ground.

After three warnings a seller will be indefinitely suspended.

Black Images: 

All FIRST images must be neutral not black background.

Our policy has always been black images makes some stone look enhanced

You can use black background but you need to Gallery Image to

Have neutral back ground image.

Or hand image.

Or close up of the item with no background.

Changes To Ethiopian Grading  policy

Re BLACK  Ethiopian opals

To use the world BLACK an  Ethiopian opal seller  will need certificate that opal is natural

If no certificate the world black opal cannot be used

Link to our approved laboratories for certificates

Re SMOKED Ethiopian Opal

Smoked Ethiopian Opals can no longer have word black mentioned and can only be listed as

Smoked Ethiopian Opal

Opalauctions Feb 2014

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