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Buy Opal triplet ring direct from the Australian opal industry as most triplets are Australian opals and are natural not synthetic opals

Our guarantee is all opals are natural triplets and make ideal ring stones.

Black opal is an expensive stone but you can have the same or similar colour in these triplets

Also these stones reflect colour as a top gem so makes ideal ring a s looks quality gemstone.

How to look after your ring.

It is generally considered good practise not to wear ring while washing dishes or having a shower or bath.

We have seen antique rings and the opals are perfect just few scratches on top and if repolished would look brand new.

Today they use two-part resin glue heat treated to bond the opal together.

The top of the opal can be crystalline quartz or glass or even optical quartz.

The cap can make the opal fire brighter or duller so best quality caps of quartz is used on most of our triplets

Treat your opal ring is same as most gemstone rings, in that they can be worn every day and after several years the top may require polishing.

Design of your jewellery is also important if it is formal or everyday wear.

Formal designs have cubic zirconia set as man made diamonds or you can have simple claw or bezel set deign to show off the triplet

Cluster designs are popular as several smaller stones do look attractive in sets of three or five opals.

Mosaic opals are made of smaller chips glued together to make them look like one complete stone and sometimes you need to look twice to see this.

Also remember you ring size as silver rings are too expensive now to re size

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