15.80ct. Amazing shapes and colors.
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Welcome to Great Opals!  I love opals and I want you to love them too. I am here to show you their beauty; guarantee that they are solid, not treated, or manipulated in any way; and to provide a secure environment where you may explore the beautiful and exciting world of opal – the QUEEN of gems. 

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One of mother natures true marvels - How can an opal have such wonderful and different patterns on both sides?

This is like two opals in one - amazing double sided opal. The two sides are completely different from eachother. On one side there many densly packed geometric shapes. The shapes are so densly packed it can be a bit hard to decifer it all but there is pleny of chaff and other beautiful things to see.

On the other side there is a wonderful honeycomb pattern. The cell walls are nearly invisible so you can't see them very easily. In lower lights the cells look like polka dots. In brighter lights the look like rainbow plumes with blue tails.

This opal has quite a bit of blue fire. Especially on the honeycomb side. It shows great color in all lighting conditions. It sparkles and glistens with nothing but candlelight.

Top collection piece. You won't be dissapointed.

Origin: Welo

Weight: 15.80 carats 

Size: 22.57mm x 16.13mm x 9.60mm  

Base Color: Clear crystal with slight silkiness  

Consistency of Base Color (face-up): Perfectly consistent

Brightness Of Fire: Very bright. Easily seen from arms length

Fire Color(from most-to-least; according to my judement and lights): Green, red, gold, blue

Fire Pattern: Chaff and honeycomb with rainbow plumes

Directionality: Somewhat directional 

Cut: Standard shape cabochon with high grade cut and polish. Ready to be set into jewelry or to keep as an investment

Inclusions at 10x Magnification: Eyeclean with a few tiny pin prick sized pits that are tiny even at 10x  

Treatments: None - 100% natural untreated opal
Item location: OA17

About Inclusions: Many gems, including opals, have slight imperfections. When cutting a gem, the choice is between grinding way precious beautiful material and leaving behind a small imperfection. Regarding opals, generally, if the imperfection is very small and you can't see it without magnification (eye clean) then the imperfection has little to no effect on the value of the opal. The degree to which an imperfection depreciates the value of an opal is directly related to how distracting it is. I like to think of it as "The Distraction Test." Simply ask yourself, does this imperfection distract from the beauty of the opal? If so, then you need to depreciate the value of the opal accordingly. The Distraction test mostly applies to the top of the opal. Imperfections on the back of the opal generally do not depreciate the value of the opal unless the imperfection can be seen when looking at the top of the opal or if the imperfection is so large as to affect the stability of the opal.

Cracks are the exception. Any opal that is cracked is specimen grade only and is worth perhaps 10% of its non-cracked value.

My Guarantee

My goal is to make you happy and the 7-day money back guarantee gives you time to make sure you are happy with your purchase. If you need to make a return I will provide you with a full refund provided the item has not been altered in any way. Please do not return an item without contacting me first. If needed, I will arrange the return for you through my shipping account to ensure there are no problems.


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About My Pictures and Videos

When you hold an opal in your hand, it should look better in your hand than the images used to show it - not the other way around. It is never my intention to portray an opal better in my images than it appears in real life. The images you see are accurate to the best of my ability. Generally, with the opal in hand you will see higher lustre; and greater depth and liveliness than I capture in my images.

If you are new to opals then you should know that it is impossible to capture the exact nature of an opal in images. Many opals look different under different lighting conditions. Make sure to look at your opal with the sun at your back and coming over your shoulder. Not all opals look best in full sunlight. Some opals look better with less light and some opals look drastically different on cloudy days or in the morning light . I hope you have fun exploring the wonderful world of opal.

Opal Buying Tips

If you have any questions about these or any other subjects then please feel free to ask. 

PLEASE KNOW ABOUT ANLGES!   Watch for any opal that is shown only from certain angles. This can be a way of making a highly directional opal look much better in images than it actually looks in hand. A highly directional opal is less valuable than a similar opal that is less directional.


The owner of this website wrote a nice article about buying opals on the internet  CLICK HERE  to read it.

歡迎來到偉大的蛋白石! 我喜歡蛋白石,我也希望你也愛上它們。我在這裡向你展示他們的美麗;保證它們堅實,不受任何處理或操縱;並提供一個安全的環境,您可以探索美麗而令人興奮的蛋白石世界 - 寶石的女王。

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母親自然真正的奇蹟之一 - 蛋白石雙方如何擁有如此美妙和不同的圖案?

這就像兩個蛋白石 - 一個驚人的雙面蛋白石。雙方完全不同。一邊有許多密集的幾何形狀。這些形狀是如此的密集包裝,它可能有點難以解決它的一切,但有薄糠和其他美麗的東西看到pleny。




起源: Welo

重量: 15.80克拉  

尺寸: 22.57mm×16.13mm×9.60mm

基本顏色: 透明水晶,略帶絲滑

底色一致性(正面朝上): 完美一致

火的 亮度 非常明亮。從手臂長度容易看到

火焰顏色 從最多到最小;根據我的作品和燈光) 綠色,紅色,金色,藍色

消防模式: 箔條和蜂窩與彩虹羽

方向性: 有點定向

切: 標準形狀的凸圓形高級切割和拋光。準備好進入珠寶或作為投資

10倍放大倍率下的夾雜物: 帶有幾個微小的刺針大小的小孔,即使在10倍時也很小  

治療: 無 - 100%天然未經處理的蛋白石

關於包括: 許多寶石,包括蛋白石,都有輕微的缺陷。當切割寶石時,選擇是在研磨方式中珍貴的美麗材料和留下一個小缺陷。關於蛋白石,一般來說,如果瑕疵非常小,而且沒有放大(眼睛清潔)就看不到它,那麼瑕疵幾乎不會影響蛋白石的價值。瑕疵折損蛋白石價值的程度直接關係到它如何分散注意力。我喜歡將其視為“分心測試”。只要問問自己,這種缺陷是否會從蛋白石的美麗中分散出來?如果是這樣,那麼你需要相應地降低蛋白石的價值。分心測試主要適用於蛋白石的頂部。蛋白石背面的缺陷通常不會使蛋白石的價值貶值,除非在觀察蛋白石的頂部時可以看到缺陷,或者如果瑕疵太大以至於影響蛋白石的穩定性。








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當你手中拿著蛋白石時,手中的蛋白應該比用來顯示它的圖像好看 - 而不是相反。我從來沒有打算在自己的圖像中描繪出比現實生活中的蛋白石更好的蛋白石。你看到的圖像是盡我所能精確的。一般來說,手中的蛋白石你會看到更高的光澤;比我在我的照片中捕捉到的更加深刻和活潑。






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