What Is your Favourite Opal?

Black Opals

Australian black opals are the rarest and most precious opal stone. Black Opal can be found in the famous opal field of Lightning Ridge. Black opal tends to produce the brightest coloured stones. In fact, the sharper and brighter the colours, the more expensive the Opal. Black opal is the most sought after opal.

Boulder Opals

Boulder Opal is the second most valuable type of opal after black. Boulder opals can be identified by the brown ironstone on the back of the stone.Boulder Opal originates from the Queensland opal fields. Boulder opals tend to be flat it is rare to find a high cabochoned boulder opal.

Ethiopian Opal

Ethiopian opal is newest type of opal category having only been commercially mined over the last decade. It is a beautiful stone and tends to be priced at a discount to Australian opal as the market is still quite new buyers are unsure of how to setpricing due to limited knowledge of potential supply. Unlike Australian opals it is quite common to find red Ethiopian opal while blue is quite rare.

Opal Inlay

Opal Inlay is not really a different opal but a design pattern that inlays the opal in a jewelry setting. Inlay rings are a popularring design for men.

Opal Doublet

The opal doublet is a naturally appearing slice ofopal that is matched with a black backing to improve thecolour imitating the colours of black opal. Because of the enhanced backing doublets tend to be very beautiful stones but becausethey are not ‘natural’ they trade at a discount to many opals. These opals are commonly used in jewelery settings. They can be identified by looking at the side of the opal to see if two stones have been placed together. Compared to triplets below doublets have a more natural appearance.

Opal Triplet

A triplet is comparable to a doublet opal but differs in that it containsonemore layer. With the same method as a doublet the opal triplet addsa third layer of quartz or glass on top of the opal giving the opal a cabochon appearance. Because of the glass layer on toptriplets often give off a glassy appearance. Triplets tend to provide good value for money as they areusually priced considerably less than opals because of the two levels ofenhancement.

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