Opal Jewelry Inheritance

In reality we all are only the Keepers Of Opals. Each opal we have we are safe keeping for the next temporary owner. Your prized opal will be passed or sold on so now it is time to plan who will inherit your opal.


Lacquered Display Waterfall Display

Boulder Opal Slabs

Several years ago I swapped opal jewelry for two boulder opal slabs. These opal slabs were made in Quilpie in 1978. The swap was on condition I leave slabs to my two sons. One slab is set as waterfall in Mygem shop. The water cascading over the opals makes nice relaxing sound and helps show the opal colours. The other slab is lacquered and shows some nice specimens in the centre. Both are heirloom opals slabs!

Boulder opal Jewelry - Koroit Opal Heirloom

A Koroit Journey begins. I thought I would send a thank you to everyone who helped me get this done. It is an outstanding opal, and although I’ve never danced with one, I am standing by my statement that this could well be an opal shaped from a croc tooth. After you stop chuckling please have a view.

Oh, and after seeing the pics, and if you agree with my visions of crocodile teeth everywhere, could you tell me…are they often found as opal from tooth shaped cavities in mud etc?

Red gold on top and yellow talons wrapping the sides.

This opal I am convinced must have been a tooth, but of what animal I am not sure. I kept thinking of a large cat or small bear until I realized “Wait, it came from Australia where there are these large cranky things around their waterways!”. It has always had an incredible feel to it due to its shape. I got it at a steal as it has a few red sparks and the top inside corner on the busy side flashes from green to blue, to purple, teal and red. I won the auction in 2009 for only $75.00, id 187864. It was represented with only one pic but turned out to have both sides usable.

It was done in this style to keep from drilling or covering detail and to allow the light downwards to the flashy parts. After all, life is not always about the gold. I thank my jeweler Joel Hernandez at Princesagold who did a great job ensuring the value of the opal remained visible.

I know how much I have spent of course, but I have no idea of its present value. I am also a bit old to strut around with a tooth like decoration. Todays style has young men wearing gold chains and gold decoration, so I bought Koroit as I would much prefer my son not grow up and start wearing what every other young man is sporting. If you want to be seen as original or different, then get involved in what you can wear, it’s a bit of fun instead of just purchasing a finished item.  Koroit certainly looks great for a man to wear, as my young son has found out, his friends all like the other Koroit he has worn. My little adventure in search and design seems to have rewarded my son as he has valiantly declared he will have no problem wearing such a shaped opal.  Thanks to all at Opalauctions and Princesagold who helped make this happen. This is to be a family heirloom, so yes,  all my descendants will know I was an opal and gold guy. Thank you

Ethiopian Opal Gold Ring

I hope soon to show off an Opal ring I had made for my wife, a magnificent 1.65 pin fire faceted Welo, circle mounted in yellow gold with a band of red and a band of white gold, one accent diamond on each band. This ring gets compliments all the time and will be passed down as well. The two colors and using a double band kept this large opal from looking blocky on dainty fingers. Whether a ring, pendant or wallboard section, if you find yourself in a position to allow talented people the freedom to create, I say, don’t hesitate, the rewards can be many. And regarding opal wallboards It’s a brilliant idea to pass them on in such a way. When they were described I thought how incredible they would be,  especially as we seem to be building with cheaper and cheaper materials.  They will love them, and with the family story that comes with them. 


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