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View aGem Harlequin opal

Images of rare patterns on black opals. Harlequin is the rarest pattern and these black opals are very valuable. Patterns are so beautiful to view colour play. harlequin pattern is the most expensive pattern and highly sought after by opal collectors worldwide.

ViewGem opalized fossils

These opal fossils are rare and collectors enjoy the rarity of how Mother Nature created a shell into opal fossil. the Pineapples in the middle is extremely rare from white cliffs. Dinosaur and vegetation also opalized. Shells that were once under the sea are now found in centre of Australia in the desert and over millions of years some shells have opalized.

ViewKoroitandYowah opals

Popular opals fields in Queensland, that display hard ironstone with magical patterns unique to this region. Both these opal fields are close together and Yowah nut is a good collector’s item.

ViewEthiopian opal

Beautiful Ethiopian opals from welo and Gondar showing popular patterns from Wello rainbow, welo patch work, floral, Honeycomb, Chaff patterns. this opal field has only recently produced volume and is popular with crystal opal collectors due to deep colour bars and magical patterns

ViewBrazilandMexican opal

Stunning images of Mexican contra Luz faceted opal, to multi fire Brazil opals both popular with collectors for their rarity and low production levels.

ViewBoulder opal

Brilliant fire colours just like rainbow for opals mine din boulder country, Quilpie to Winton in Queensland Australia. This opal forms on ironstone potch.

ViewBlack opal

Famous black opal from Lightning Ridge Australia. Black opal is one of the most expensive opal and has reputation for beautiful patterns from Chinese writing to Floral, mackerel, and harlequin.Opal collectors enjoy these rare pattern opals that have increased steadily over last 20 years. Black opal with body tone of N1 is highly prized but rare to find this deep body tone.

ViewBlack opal rough

Poster displaying stages of black opal mining to rubbing down rough an shaping a gem rare black opal. this rough cut three gem black opals. And shows opal miner digging for gems in his mine at Cochran lightning ridge.

Gem Rock AuctionsCollections

ViewTourmaline carvings

Natural tourmaline has been hand carved in a collectors dream of multi colours and shapes.Tourmailne is popular due to unique patterns and colours a s displayed in these one off carvings.

ViewRutilated Quartz

Specimens with beautiful inclusions of rutile crystals in quartz . These needles may be reddish ,golden , silvery and sometimes greenish making them popular with collectors.


Images display rough ruby to rough ruby in bedrock a sit is normally found to beautiful faceted ruby stones making ruby one of the worlds most popular gemstone.


Many buyer think of blue only for sapphires but this image shows all party colours of sapphires that are so vibrant and colourful and make ideal colourful cluster rings or pendants.

ViewCertified Gemstones


Images show rough Citrine to finished faceted Citrine , different shapes that help make this gemstone popular. Faceting helps bring out the best hues in this stone.


One of the worlds most popular gemstone and images display rough amethyst to stalactite rough and faceted shapes of finished amethyst gemstone.

View ourBirthstone article

Attractive Horoscope of gemstones and dates. check your birth date and view your birthstone.

ViewFluorescent Minerals

Stunning mineral s that glow under UV lamps from all over the world. Pink calcite form mexico,manganosite from Peru, calcite form India

Jewelry AuctionedCollections

Screen savers include stunning opals in gold rings ,brilliant opal pendants in gold to gemstone jewelry including variety of gemstones that are bright and colourful.

ViewGem opal rings

Viewopal pendants

ViewGemstone pendants

Coins AuctionedCollections

Screen savers include Shipwreck coins and gold nuggets to Perth mint animal images, Ancient Greek and roman and Spanish coins and gold coins of the world

Viewancient coins

Viewgold coins

Viewshipwreck coins

ViewPerth mint coins

Download the Screen Savers!

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gemstone screensaver(5.2MB)

jewelry screensaver(2.4MB)

coins screensaver(3.1 MB)

Or getall the pictures together in one 20 frame screen saver here(11.3MB)

All screensavers come with a simple installer to get started. Screensavers are compatible with Windows XP and later releases. You can uninstall the screensavers at any time.

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