China is new market for Ethiopian, Boulder and Australian Black opals

The last 5 years has seen a steady growth in sales of opals from Australia for Black opals, Boulder opals and Ethiopian opals. Ethiopian opals are popular due to lower cost but Australian black opal has a following with business people who prefer to buy a unique gemstone that no one else has

This is very important in the Marketing of opals in china. The exclusivity of Black opal is importantespecially if the opal has Chinese writing pattern on it. Three examples below of rare black opals displaying Chinese writing patterns


Black opals which display green hues are the most popular with Chinese buyers as they are used to thecolour of green jade gemstone. Nobby black opals instead of seam opal has proven to be most popular as Chinese buyers prefer cabochon opals for ring.Black opal are extremely hard to find as pairs as each opal is so unique.

Boulder opal has been popular as pendant or earrings. Many chinese gemstone buyers have agate that has great patterns and Koroit opal or Yowah opal that has great pattern is greatly appreciated by the Chinese.

Koroit opal with patterns have also been popular as Chinese buyers do appreciate pattern formation a s they hold even agate stones with good patterns as unique so even if Koroit opal has no colour, the Chinese buyers will like strong patterns


Black opal rough displaying patterns Chinese Patterns

Opal Auctions have been offering Australian Opals in Chinese writing book of over 105 pages since 2004.

Opal Auctions also has its own Chinese blog for opal

In past Chinese buyers stay at Lighting ridge just like they do in Coober Pedy and have a preference in buying opals that have pattern similar to Chinese writing.

The black or crystal opals are rare and the more accurate the image the greater the value.

One Korean buyer was thrilled to buy a black opal from an opal miner who charged more for the Chinese writing, But the buyer could read GOOD LUCK in Korean language and he says he will never sell this opal.

Examples of Black opals with Chinese writing,some more accurate than others for your viewing pleasure

Even crystal opals can display magical chinese writing patterns

Only an extremely small proportion of opals have so called Chinese writing patterns.

Chinese have a local stone that also displays chinese writing from the Hunan province along the Yangtze river.

A Chinese writing stone,also known as porphory , is a limestone matrix mixed with andalusite crystals., that appear as a delightful pattern resembling Chinese characters. It appears in colors ranging from a very dark gray or almost black to creamy white, both with a slight greenish cast.

It is 5-6 on Mohs scale so very similar to Opal

Chinese consider writing stones to be Healing stones also-covering


help to sleep with positive dreams

helps adjust to change

stimulate originality and creativity

You can findEthiopian, Australian Boulder and Australian Black opals at

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