Record 3,489 Opals found a New Home in January 2014

Our Verified sellers shipped out Record quantity of Opals in January to all over the world.

3,489 opals were shipped out with some even going to Iraq and Jordan for first time.

Popular categories were Black Opals, Ethiopian opals and Yowah opals.


Opalauctions has over 120 sellers now competing against each other to offer best deal to buyers from No reserve auctions to Buy It Now Opals

UPDATE changes at Opalauctions

0 Feedback buyers

Many established buyers are not used to see so many 0 feedback buyers bid and win items.

Due to our massive new marketing program of targeting opals to the general public we are now receiving around 200 new buyers each week to our sites

Since December these new buyers have to be verified by paypal, confirm actual email address or log in with facebook.

So these buyers are verified and 95% people are instantly verified

For January the top 20 buyers, 13 were new buyers with zero feedbacks

Our sister site also feeds many new buyers who have never purchased an opal before and they are also 0 feedback buyers

In the past anyone could make false information and log in and bid but our new system has stopped these false registrations

Buyers with zero feedback ,made hundreds purchases in January including

$17,500 black opals

$30,000 Paraiba tourmaline


Our Tech guys are working on screen compatibility for our sites so our screen will adjust to any size from mobile ,tablet or normal screen.

Apology to our mobile subscribers as we only have a basic layout at present

New improvements should be ready in a month

Changes To Ethiopian Grading policy

Re BLACK Ethiopian opals

To use the world BLACK an Ethiopian opal seller will need certificate that opal is natural

If no certificate the world black opal cannot be used

Link to our approved laboratories for certificates

Re SMOKED Ethiopian Opal

Smoked Ethiopian Opals can no longer have word black mentioned and can only be listed as

Smoked Ethiopian Opal

Opalauctions Feb 2014

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