Australias National Gemstone Opal is the Feature Gem at China show

Australia’s national Gemstone Opal Feature Gem at China show


The first ever China gem show to support gems, minerals and fossils has made opal the feature gem at the show 16-20th May 2013 to be held at Changsha China.

The National Opal Collection will Display up to 150 items on a6 months tour of China as a special museum exhibition.

Exhibition will include opal fossils and bones as well as opal shells over 100 million years old

Chinese spent 120 billion in 2012 on jewelry and luxury products.

This show is marketed as the Oriental Tuscon Show and is expected to have 1000 exhibitors, mostly western companies trying to market to Chinese buyers.

Customs has been problem for exports to china but this show will have special clearance from the government so not duties will be charged unless item is sold.

Interested sellers should contact the International Coloured Gemstone Association a s they are planning trip to gemstones mines also

CMGS the first China(Changsha) Mineral & Gem Show(CMGS) will have its first showl in Changsha city, capital of Hunan Province. The gem show has been named


This will be an annual event and are expecting 200,000 visitors to this show

16-17th May will be for Professional visitors

18th to 20th will be open to public.

The show will be held on two floors .The first floor will hold minerals,meteorites and fossils with the second floor for Coloured Gemstones and ICGA and the first year is promoting OPAL as the feature gemstone.

Link to English version of the shows website

Changsha Mineral And Gem Show

China has built hundreds of museums in recent years and these museums are reputed to have large budgets to buy minerals ,fossils and specimens so the show is targeting sellers to visit and offer their goods to these museums.

One city Xi’an in 2010 had 47 museums and will soon have 100 museums from traditional Chinese art and culture, to various industries, including film, technology ,animation ,fossils and minerals.

This city has over 3100 years of history and has city residency of over 5 million people or around same a s Milan Italy.

The show will be held in Changsha City, the capital of Hunan Province. Hunan is one of China’s most well known provinces for mining spectacular and varied mineral and fossil specimens


Above images of black opals with chinese writing


Chinese opal buyers have been purchasing Ethiopian rough and cutting themselves and also buying parcel lots at gem shows in Asia under $10 per carat .

So far sales have reported of average quality and buyers are not so discerning in patterns as opal buyers in west who prefer top patterns in Ethiopian Opals.


Chinese opal buyers have also been buying black opal. Opal miners at lightning ridge have reported rough sales to Chinese opal cutters and in last few months we have had many Chinese opal buyers purchasing rough opal around $50 price points.

Sales of polished black opals have been $100 to $300 range.

Predominately blue green opals have been popular to date


Online sales have been for price points around $10.00 to $20.00 but the opal needs to have lot character and pattern and most opal is from Yowah


Chinese buyers have always purchased lot rough from Coober Pedy opal fields and many HK wholesalers carry large stocks of this opal so it is hard to guage new buying trends for CP opals but it does have to compete against Ethiopian crystal opals.

Opalauctions has commenced SEO work for china opal buyers and already have chinese blogg

Sellers from Opalauctions will be attending this show also.

Please contact admin if any buyers want to visit this show also

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