What Is An Opal Promise Ring?

What is an Opal Promise RingIn today’s relationships an Opal promise ring can be a sign for friendship, love, a pledge of abstinence or a couple’s commitment to each other in the moment and in the now, not in distant future.

The ‘promise’ is what the couple pledge to each other and represents so many aspects of their individual relationship. They do not have to share with others the reason for the promise ring as it’s solely about them as a couple. The younger Millennium generation have a different attitude to relationships compared to their parents and the evolution of the Opal promise ring is a sign of that.

Opal Promise Ring for Her

An Opal ring is ideal for a promise ring as each Opal is unique and a one-off creation by Mother Nature. The Opal can represent the individuality of the couple with its own unique blend of colors and patterns that cannot be found in any other gemstone. Opals are regarded as the Queen of all Gemstones which is fitting.

Couples who buy an Opal promise ring to do not want to have a label for their relationship but want it to be a unique bonding level and one day, they might consider buying an Opal engagement ring.

These modern-day couples respect people in all different sexual relationships and have not fallen for the Diamond engagement movement that you must spend 3 months’ salary on a Diamond engagement ring.

The Opal promise ring doesn’t have to be worn on a particular finger and the modern designs go from cluster rings with many Opals to a singular freeform or oval Opal. Both males and females can wear an Opal ring or just one of the couples as there are no set rules.

Opal Birthstone Promise Ring

Opal is the birthstone for October so to add an extra touch of thoughtfulness why not consider an Opal promise ring for anyone born in October. Not only will the stone be as unique as the person you are giving it to, it will also remind them of their birthday.

Who Can Wear An Opal Promise Ring?

  • A mother can buy her daughter or granddaughter an Opal promise ring to share love forever
  • A couple to declare their love for each other 
  • Friends can exchange Opal promise rings to keep a pact or an agreement 
  • If person has a bad habit from drinking, gambling or any family problems they can be given an Opal promise ring to remind them to break this bad habit.

There are no set rules, it is what makes the person happy to own an Opal promise ring that reminds them of their love or commitment as to what the ring represents.

What is an Opal Promise Ring

Types of Opal Promise Rings

White gold and silver are more popular than traditional yellow gold. The size of the Opal is not important as with Diamond rings as it’s the symbol of a unique gemstone rather than the size.

We believe only natural Opals should be used and not no man-made synthetic Opals. On Opal Auctions all of our Opals are natural so the stone you pick will be unique. How can you commit to your relationship with a fake stone? Does it mean you have a fake relationship or not a genuine one?

If budget is a consideration we recommend sterling silver solid Opal rings. Silver Opal rings have a diverse range of natural Opal to choose from including the very affordable Opal Doublet and Opal Triplet rings.


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