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There are not many books about Opals as most miners and industry participants tend to be doers rather than readers or writers. The ones that do exist have been popular as people enjoy reading about the unique living on the opal fields with all its stories and mysteries in the outback of Australia.

Opal books are also a good education tool as it is not easy to fully understand and appreciate Opals without some basic background knowledge. Once the reader understands the complex and interesting aspects of the Opal industry they will want to learn more. It is an interesting and rewarding hobby that can give you lot pleasure and help you to appreciate this highly undervalued gemstone even more.

We recommend Len Crams Opal books as a top source for all Opal information. Books available by Len Cram include.

A journey with Colour, history of Queensland opals 1869-1979

A journey with colour, history of white cliffs opal 1889-1999

Beautiful opals Australia!

Cs national gem

Beautiful Queensland opals

Beautiful Lightning Ridge

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100 years Beautiful Australian Opals A guide to buying

These books can be purchased from Opal auctions

We also recommend other Opal books available

Opals by Fred ward

Opal ladies by Cilka Zagar

The Opal Book by Frank Leechman

Black opal Fossils of Lightning Ridge By Tim Flannery

Australian Opals in Colour by Andrew Cody

Australian Precious Opal by Andrew Cody

Black Opal by K Prichard

Black Opal the Book by G Pardy

Opal Identification and Value by P Downing

A field Guide To Australian opal by B Oleary

A Close Call at yowah by K Herman

A Guide To precious Opal by Stone & Butt

Theres Opal Out There. By E Waller

Australian Opal safari by J Colahan.

Determined by S Aracic

Coober Pedy Opal wonderland Of Australia by E Mednay

Discover Opal By S Araric

Fortunes In Australian Opals By S Araric

Glistenings from The Opal Fields by Grawin

opal Miners Ligthtning Ridge by I Idriess

Opal adventures by P Downing

Opal Men by P wake.

Opal Mining At Lightning ridge by J Mcabe

Opal the Gem Of The Never Never by T Wollaston

Opals And Agates by B Nehemiah

Opals And Gold by R Macdonald

Opals And Sapphires by I Idriess

Road To Andomooka by J Summers

Sweat Tears And Blood Red Opals by R McKenzie

Educate yourself well!

Some great opal authors exist and their books have not only become rare and valuable, but offer an insight into opal and the Australian opal mining industry.

Often the better the book the more expensive it will be, however rest assured most of these more expensive books will appreciate in value. Remember, Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to opal!

Good Opal Publications:

This page displays books that have been written about opal. Its purpose is to make opal information and stories accessible.

Over the years, many books have been written explaining the origins of opal, giving technical mining information, telling stories about mining experiences and displaying photographs of beautiful opals.

For alterations or if you know of an opal book not listed here, please let us know.

Safety in opal Mining

Opal Miner?s Guide

A South Australian Project.

Project Officer: Sophia Provatidis

Published 1999

An up-to-date safety handbook focusing on opal mining in South Australia. This guide identifies opal mining hazards and shows how to overcome them.

The Opal Book - A complete guide to the famous gemstone

Frank Leechman

Published 1969

A complete work, looking at Australian and foreign opal fields. This book also looks at early days in the evolution of the opal industry throughout Australia.

Rediscover Opals in Australia

Steven Aracic

Published 1979 - 1999

An up to date, comprehensive look at all of the major Australian opal fields, with opal stories and hundreds of color pictures of opal, and mining in Australia.

Beautiful Opals - Australia?s National Gem, Special Collector?s Edition

Beautiful Opals Of the Desert

Beautiful Opals - Australia?s National Gem, Special 2000 Commemorative Edition

Len Cram

Published 1992 - 1999

Len Cram is a renowned photographer of opal, and his books are full of large beautiful color photographs of opals and entertaining stories from the opal fields.

Australian Precious Opal

Archie Kalokerinos

Published 1971 - 1975

Archie Kalokerinos was a doctor before becoming an opal miner in Lightning Ridge and Coober Pedy. His stories about those fields make for entertaining and interesting reading, and his photographs are excellent, particularly considering they were taken in the early seventies.

OPAL - South Australia?s Gemstone

Department of mines and energy

Published 1992

A technically oriented book, focusing on the South Australian opal fields, this book shows geological profiles of the opal fields, and discusses mining methods. Containing maps,and some photographs of the S.A. opal fields

Australian Precious Opal

Douglas Stone & Robert Butt

Published 1972 - 1976

This book looks at the main Australian opal fields, as well as some of the lesser known New South Wales and Queensland fields. Some color photos

Australian Opals In Color

N & R Perry

Published 1969 - 1986

A brief look at the major Australian fields, with some color photographs

Opals - Rivers Of Illusions

Alina Loneck

Published 1986

A technical look at opal with some color photographs

Australian Opal Safari

John Colahan

Published 1973

A look at the main Australian opal fields with some good color photographs of different opal mining areas.

Lightning Ridge

Ion L Idriess

Published 1940 - 1985

A Novel

Opals of the Never Never

Roberg G haill

Published 1981-1995

A book focusing on Coober Pedy, with some color photographs

Gan Bruces. His first book is now a collectors item. This new one holds promise of being just as successful. As usual Gan is a tad controversial and is bound to ruffle a few feathers. Still, having been born and raised, and spending all his life in Lightning Ridge gives Gan an insight that few others can claim. The human element figures prominently in this beautifully presented work about the opal fields. 416 pages.

This excellently crafted collectable is the latest major work of Len Crams opal fields series.

Titled A journey into color this book opens up the full history of WHITE CLIFFS OPAL. With an absolute bag full of rare black and white photos and plenty of color, this gem is a must have. With 368 pages it has been very popular. By Len cram.

The Australian Opal Diary and Birthday Book. by Len Cram

With three pages for each month of the year, and every month featuring a famous opal field there is plenty of room for images and text as well as space for personal memos. An interesting book.

Beautiful Lightning Ridge - 100 years. Len Cram is intentionally respected for his wealth of knowledge on any thing to do with opals. Len has successfully captured the real spirit of his beloved desert opal country in his many successful books. This delightful production is 32 pages of Lightning Ridge history in a nut shell with a plethora of Lens own original photographs. A must for every rock hound interested in that natural wonder, OPAL. Len cram..

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