Nsw, Australia
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Welcome to Opals Marina . Here you will find all Australian opals of the best quality that are all hand cut and polished. All of my stones come direct from miners and there friends that mine in the opals field such as Coober bedy, Yowah, Koroit,Winton, and Lighting ridge. My experience is as an opal cutter and jewelry designer. I have been trading opals for 20 years, and sell my products in gems and opals show in Thailand, Winton, Yowah, Lighting ridge and the Gold Coast every year. I have over 20 years experience with Opals and consider myself somewhat of a Opal Expert. The Australian opal is known for being the best and the opal fields of Australia produce the most beautiful opals in the world . I source, cut and polish all of my beautiful opals that you see in my store. If you have any enquiries please contact me as I am here to help you, with my experience i want to make sure you have the best experience when you come shopping with me. Shipping terms are once you have paid i will ship your products by the next day and if you buy on the weekend i will ship for you on the Monday after the weekend. If you are not happy with the opals you can return them and we are happy to give you a store credit to the same value of which you purchased the opals for.. Good luck in your bidding i look forward to cutting and polishing your dream stone.
Nsw, Australia
SHIPPING WITHIN AUSTRALIA No Fedex is available within Australia. If you choose Fedex shipping please note that your item will be sent Australia Post express with platinum post with signature required. Online Tracking is available on https://auspost.com.au/ SHIPPING EVERYWHERE ELSE Standard international shipping is a Tracked service via DHL Australia. Please note it is NOT AN EXPRESS SERVICE Physical delivery will made by your local service. Online tracking is available within 48 hours on https://www.logistics.dhl/au-en/home/tracking.html Your local tracking number is available at the above link under * MORE SHIPMENT DETAILS * FEDEX shipping is the fastest and safest shipping option we have internationally. COMBINED SHIPPING now available 3 wins for only $15.00 Worldwide INSURANCE IS RECOMMENDED FOR REGISTERED SHIPPING $7.00 for the first $100 dollars & $3 for every $100 thereafter. OPALSMARINA SHIPPING PROVIDERS BELOW FEDEX DHL EXPRESS POST If you choose not to take insurance, we cannot be held liable if the parcel gets lost or damaged in transit. Australian buyers have to pay 10% GST and please note that auctions are in shown and calculated in US Dollars. Our Terms and Conditions are the same as Opal Auctions INSURANCE Lost or stolen parcels are the responsibilities of the buyers unless insurance is purchased REFUNDS AND RETURN Available Within 7 days -as long as item remains unchanged and unaltered. Please note that refunds are exclusive of shipping and handling fees.
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:数量以上のアイテムを含む注文では、:プロバイダーは $15.00 に割引されます
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