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Buy Triplet Opal Pendants direct from manufactures and jewelry factories.

Australian opal triplets have good reputation worldwide as they can incredible beautiful colours

At lightning ridge a red on black opal is now over $2000 per carat and you can buy at triplet now for under $100 per carat for similar colour.

Most crystal opal used in making triplets, is from the opal fields of South Australia.

The advantage is that when the triplet is made the light reflection is incredible and shows more pattern and fire than what you would see in the solid opals.

So when you wear a pendant the colour flashes are reflected so doesn’t matter if the person in front of you or on the side, they will see the incredible fire colours of the opal

The design of the pendant can be traditional or have cubic zirconia or glass to represent diamond

Triplets with sunset fire flashes or orange fire can also be set in gold plated silver

Other gemstone scan be added to triplet opal as focal or accent stones to suit personal taste, even cluster solid opal can be used around the design to compliment the opal triplet.

With black opal prices increasing rapidly the popularity of triplets will keep increasing a s mining costs are getting higher and miners find less opals than they did years ago

In the past most triplets were made with two part resin and it was recommended not to wear jewellery in the shower. We have seen stones made 50 years and worn often and still in good condition. Today they use new methods to heat seal the opal to the manmade top and base so water inside

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