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Opal Fashion Accessories

Opal Necklaces are sometimes called Opal pendants.  But necklace opal must have the opal connected to the necklace instead of an attachment as a normal chain is.

Opals are suited to leather or thread necklace, and are also known as fashion opal

The most popular one for the younger generation is threaded necklace with ties on end to attached to hole drilled in the opal.

Solid natural opal as boulder or ironstone opal from Koroit or Yowah make best natural necklaces .

These Drilled accessories are popular for combining with opals in necklaces. Sterling silver wire or leather cords are always popular, and lace-design necklaces are relatively new to the market.

Opal necklaces from Australia are also popular in tourist shops ,as the prices are reasonable for solid opal jewlery.  

Add gemstones to your opal to create a special fashion necklace.

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