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Buy opal carvings direct from opal wholesalers and/or opal jewelry manufactures and carvers. Boulder opal is perfect for hand-carving into animals. The strong ironstone combined with veins of opal colour make for a great look. Black opal is expensive so black-opal animal carvings are rare. Opal animal carvings are popular among collectors. Pink opal from western Australia is form new opal field and the material is perfect for carving

Craftspeople can obtain a good polish or even hand-etched finish on animals like elephants, alligators, horses or turtles. Asian professional carvers, especially those who have worked with jade, make exquisite opal carvings.

Some of our most popular carvings are for collectors of

Turtle, turtles suggest longevity and have always been popular either cared in ironstone or Mexican opal inlayed on top of turtle carving.

All animal carvings in opals are popular and some people will only collect, elephants, frogs, or owls, horse heads for example

Asian buyer appreciate frogs and marine animals and usa buyers like bird carvings

Opal cameos have been popular for centuries and now machine cut cameos on black backing are popular.

Opal skulls made form mostly boulder ironstone and carve din human head shape

Opal statue carvings include metal statutes of opal miners and real opal chips.

Religious carvings include crosses to Buddha carving sin opals

Lastly but not least abstract caving’s can be human body or opal cut to its natural shape

Crystal seam opal has been popular to cave for centuries a sthe opal is flat and good carver can make unique one of design.

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