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This category includes opal carvings and the creative use of different types of opals to make beautiful pieces of unique creations. Many items have inlay to create artistic design piece These stones can than be set in jewelry . stones can be called opal art even if they are just carved into heart shape and hole drilled so easy to make into a pendant Business card holders are also art and looks good on office desk .Ironstone can have opal inlayed so you have large focal piece to make a pendant design. Fossils shapes can also be carved a sin nature these opal fossils such a s sharks teeth or dinosaur bones are rare and can be very expensive so a cutter can shape to look like rare fossil in opal art Carvings can be of traditional Greek or roman chariots or angels carved on display specimen But the best creator of opal art is mother nature as each opal is so unique and different Koroit and Yowah opals have stunning natural patterns and designs and many are called picture stones a s they look like landscape image.Black opal also is created in different colour and shape like opal art .Boulder opal from queensland Australia has ironstone infusion with opal colours Opal art can include Aboriginal designs or opals mixed with other gemstones, resulting in a unique opal creation.

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