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Buy Investment Opal

Gem-quality opals are now considered as a percentage of an investor’s overall portfolio. along with silver or gold or diamonds

Our Sellers need to obtain Opal Sheriff approval to list opals as Investment Opal

Opal has to have rare characteristics and unique to include in this catagory

Black Opals from Lightning Ridge are considered by many to be the best gemstone investment. This is due to rarity of the opal and the extreme rarity of the bright red fire patterns and high cabochon. Boulder Opals with spectacular colours are also a good investment.

The last few months has seen record sales of black and boulder and Ethiopian opals, Many investors with share portfolios are now purchasing opals as an investment and actually have something to hold in their hands instead of share script.

The gem industry is not producing quality gemstones as prolific as in past years.

In the industry it is common knowledge that less gems are found and it is getting more expensive to mine and find and even exploring is an expensive exercise. Reducedsupply and increased demand will exist for quality gems forcing the price up.

Opal miners to Emerald miners to Amethyst miners worldwide and many more from so many countries all agree that the easy mining days are over.

All governments now have strong environmental guidelines and are strongly supervised.

For example if you want to start an opal mine at Lightning ridge and have an open cut you are now required to lodge $250,000 with the opal mining department.

D8 bulldozers can use $1000 a day to take top earth away and that could cost $100,000 to $250,000 and than after the lease has been mined they have to place back the natural vegetation and that could cost $50,000 to $100,000

Many open cut mines could cost ½ to ¾ million dollars.

That is a lot of opal to find to pay for costs and to explore for opals can cost $50,000 as drilling rigs charge by meter to cross drill land to find deposits.

The day of the small opal miner is nearly over with so many safely regulations and by laws so this also leads to price increase.

Gem-fire opals have a certificate of authenticity. The rarity of these gem opals makes them a good long-term investment, as does the pleasure of having an opal like none other in the world.

Value is based upon rarity and supply and demand and black opals tick all the boxes for investment buyers.

Opals with rarest colours or pattern appreciate the best.

Over the last 20 years red fire black opals on n1 body tone or brightness above 4 have appreciated at around 20% per annum.

It is now generally considered harder to find gem quality opals compared to even 5 years ago and many opal miners now will never find a true Harlequin pattern opal or even a mackerel pattern red fire opal.

Today there is also less jet black opals and most opals are now considered body tone of 2 or less.

Body tone below 4 is not considered a black opal

Brightness rating is out of top of 5 and very rare now to find black opals over brightness of 4

Ethiopian investment opals are new to the gem industry but already welo opals with strong patterns such as honeycomb are sought after by investors.

Price has increased approx 50% from last year for investment Ethiopian opals and many collectors are keeping the strong patterns as an investment

Price to purchase and to consider as an investment gemstone for an opal is more complicated as buyers has choice colour rarity and pattern rarity to consider before purchase

This is far better than diamonds that have fallen in value except for diamonds over 3 carats that have appreciated at around 3% per annum ,,most one carat diamonds have not appreciated.

Australia is fortunate to have many rare minerals from iron ore to gold and silver.

Perth mint gold and silver coins have also been a good investment .

In last 10 years coins have risen around 379% and silver coins have risen around 488% so our black opals are up there as an investment commodity.

Australian pink diamonds are the rarest gemstone mined in Argyle mines in remote Western Australia.

One carat pinks are now around $200,000 per carats and extremely rare

Over last few years boulder opals has been enjoyed by collectors and opal wholesalers and opal dealers ,as some colour plays are spectacular.

Boulder opal rarely has cabochon body but striking colours and larger sizes are making these opals more popular ,hence the price increase for top gem boulder opals.

Ethiopian opals are also new to the market and many collectors and investors have been purchasing these opals as they consider that the price will increase if supply cant keep up with demand.

New Ethiopian opal fields include Welo and Gondar and many opal dealers specialize as Ethiopian opal suppliers and originally supplied chocolate volcanic opals and now the more popular hydroplane Ethiopians opals .

Brazilian opal is also gaining popularity a swell as usa opals from virgin valley,Oregon ,Idaho but most of the Usa opals are considered as specimen grade.

As always ask seller if they will refund if you are not 100% satisfied with your win.

Most sellers will do these minus shipping expenses.

With Top gem Opals the owner is only holding the opal in custody for the next generation and many buyers will comment how they plan to leave an opal as a heirloom for the next generation.

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