End Of Year Sale

8rrejnqh5n1qbb00.jpgWHEN: 27th DECEMBER - 31st DECEMBER

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What Items Are Included in the Sale?

  • All items are included in the sale

  • Each seller will either accept or pass on the offer that you place on an individual item. The sale is not final until the seller accepts the offer.

Here’s how it works

  • Browse our collection of opals, gemstones and jewelry to find your favorite items.

  • Hit the ‘Make An Offer’ button and tell the seller what you would be willing to pay for that item.

  • Our sellers are ready and waiting to receive your offers. Due to time zone differences, it may take time for them to respond, but once they accept the offer, the item is yours!

  • Once you place an offer the seller will receive a notification so they can review the offer and choose whether to accept it or pass. Once an offer is accepted it is considered an official sale.

  • Get ready to dazzle in your new opals, gemstones and jewelry!

Black Friday Gemstone SaleI Can’t Make Offers, What Do I Need To Do?

  • Make sure you have created an account with us (Don’t have an account? Click here)

  • Make sure your account is fully verified since the Make An Offer option is only available to verified users. Click here to view your verification status

  • Have any questions? Just open a support ticket and I will be more than happy to help

End Of Year Make An Offer Sale Notes

  • Sellers are free to accept or pass on any offer placed by a customer

  • Customers are free to place whatever offer they feel is reasonable

  • If the offer is below what the seller can consider, an automatic notification will be displayed.

  • If an offer is accepted it is considered a sale and should be paid for within 2 days

  • If an offer is declined, try to making another offer or send the seller a message!

  • This sale is only applicable to fixed priced items and does not include auctions

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